Chennai artist wows netizens with Maggi artwork after filtering coffee

The painting is so realistic that the brand couldn’t take its gaze away from it and commented on the post.

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen a post that appears to be a basic snapshot of a filter coffee but, upon closer scrutiny, turns out to be a painting. The drawing was so good that even the brand was taken aback. Now, the artist has returned and has created even another stir — this time with a picture of a packet of Maggi.

Varuna Shreethar of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, stunned the internet with her mesmerizing digital art when it was discovered that it was not filmed on camera but painted by someone. On Saturday, the 21-year-old artist published an old artwork of India’s favorite instant noodles on Twitter.

Similar to her earlier article, the iconic yellow box of the Nestle product with a bowl of 2-minute noodles looked just like the packets we see in stores or at home.

As the post gained popularity, Maggi India took note and entered the debate. “This photo has definitely stolen our ‘Dil’ (heart),” the food brand said, adding, “keep displaying the #maggilove.”

The young artist was moved by the company’s response and responded, “Maggi has been my most favorite snack since I was a tiny kid, yearning for this complete circle moment [sic].”

Previously, she revealed to about her technique that she blends “hyperrealism with impressionism” in her work and that “that’s why I keep the texture so raw in the paintings.”

“I’m not trying to imitate an image.” That’s why cameras exist; I wanted to make a painting that resembled something you adored,” she continued.

Like her prior work, Varuna’s painting of Maggi Noodles first had netizens asking if it was an art piece or a photograph. “Wow! Extremely realistic!! “a user said. According to the second user, “These are simply mind-boggling. I followed you because of your handle name, and I’m pleased I did. The filter coffee painting was a work of art. Please keep it up. cheers”. “I still can’t believe this is a painting, OMG!” remarked the third user.
The image of a cup of filter coffee uploaded by the Chennai-based artist on Twitter had surprised netizens. It almost makes you believe it’s an actual photograph. What do you think? It’s a lovely sketch, and all you need to do is zoom in numerous times to be sure. “I painted filter coffee!” read the image’s description. The photograph has received over 51K likes since it was posted. The image, which has left many people perplexed, has become popular on social media and is ideal for individuals who want coffee after a hard day at work.
The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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