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Can time stop?

The unceasing march of time can be an anxiety source

The unceasing march of time can be an anxiety source. Who sometimes did not want the capacity to freeze in a pleasant moment or to avoid a loved one drifting away. Every now and now, some characters can achieve what they all want to do: stop time: an SF book, film, or TV show.

But is that a feasible thing? Answering this question calls for a thorough immersion in physics, philosophy, and human perception. Many physical equations distinguish little between past, present and future, noted Carroll. For example, one time appears in the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. Time is measured by clocks, according to Einstein’s theory. Since a watch must pass in space, time is enmeshed with room in the broader concept called the space-time underpinning the cosmos. Relativity has famously shown that time may become somewhat gloomy depending on how quickly an observer moves compared with another observer. When you give a person a clock at close-to-low speed aboard a spacecraft, time seems to pass over them slower than a stationary friend who has gone on Earth. And a black hole, with a massive gravity that may twist time, may likewise seem to slow down compared with a distant observer. But, added Carroll, this isn’t a technique to freeze time. Two clocks can be relatively different, yet each will record the usual time in its reference framework.

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