Bottom Wears For Heavy Lower Body

Bottom Wears For Heavy Lower Body
Bottom Wears For Heavy Lower Body

A wide range of options for every body shape, with some outfits looking better on different bodies than others, is preferable. Styling can be tricky for the bottom-heavy body type, which means carrying more weight in the lower body than the upper body. Lower body fat usually means larger hips and thicker thighs, and smart outfit choices are essential for looking your best.

The key to dressing a bottom-heavy body is to draw attention to your face and chest while avoiding too tight clothing around your buttocks and legs, which will only accentuate the problem.

Go Waist High
High-waisted pants or jeans are your best friend if you have a bottom-heavy body. These elegant bottoms are an excellent way to draw attention to your figure. The higher the waist-rise, the better it conceals a large portion of your tummy, making your legs longer and your hips slimmer. Pants and skirts with a higher rise will give you a great look.

Jeans with Flared Legs
Wide-leg or flared jeans are ideal for a bottom-heavy figure. These jeans are slim from the waist to the thighs before widening below the knee. Flares look especially good on pear and hourglass figures.

When shopping, look for form-fitting fits in the buttocks, thighs, and down to the middle of your knees. Even better, a giant bell flares out and nearly cover your shoes.

Trousers with Vertical Stripes
Vertical Strips are an excellent choice for heavy bottom wear. These striped pants can make a fantastic illusion. It provides a sense of length while also creating a slimming effect.

Skirts with Pleats
Pleated skirts flatter bottom-heavy women, particularly pear-shaped women. These skirts are cinched and flow down to your hips, effectively concealing a stomach bulge. You should, however, choose a dress with a smaller waistband, as a large belt will draw attention to your stomach.

Trousers in a dark color
Darker colors help to reduce heaviness while also providing a hint of skimming. A monochrome look is also flattering on a heavy bottom body. Wearing the same color on top and bottom will help you achieve this look.

Colors such as black, navy blue, maroon, magenta, brown, olive green, grey, and others are available.
Heavy Bottom Suggestions
Wear tops and dresses with exciting sleeve styles to draw attention up and away from the bottom.
Defining your waistline is essential when wearing a bottom-heavy body.
At all costs, long tops should be avoided.
These longer top styles draw all attention to the lower half of the body, particularly the curved hips and thighs, which is not what you want.
Bottoms with minimal detailing on the pockets are preferable for a bottom-heavy shape. This is because the attention is drawn to the body wherever something makes a statement in clothing.
Anything that clings to your buttocks and thighs is terrible for a heavier bottom body. As a result, skinny pants should be avoided.
The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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