Bored Of Your Clichéd Office Wear? It’s Time for A Change!

As a working woman, you may barely find the time to rifle through your wardrobe. You mostly go the no-brainer way and end up picking out the same set of attire to wear. But five days a week at work and lack of stylish work clothes for ladies? That sounds dull.

It’s easy to get bored when you are constantly donning the same outfits on rotation. It’s time to infuse your corporate closet with a new flare. Not necessarily by sprawling the shops with your credit card in hand but by finding new ways to fall in love with all the clothes that you already own.

Tips to Restyle Your Office Wear

Add Accessories
The first thought is to always reach out to the accessories and pair them with stylish work clothes for ladies. They help add a bit of sparkle to a dull wardrobe. Be it layered chains, contrasting earrings, a stately belt, a scarf or even sunglasses, accessories when worn with confidence certainly creates an impression. Shoes and bags can further lift a tired outfit. Pick one accessory for the day, walk into the meeting with panache!

Mix and Match
Re-designing your wardrobe to make it fit for mix and match helps greatly. Throw in single pieces in a column that are versatile in nature. A white camisole, beige pants, crisp black shirt, etc. are statement pieces that can be paired with almost anything. Play around with these closet jewels and put together an outfit when you feel the need to up your style game.

Rework an Old Favourite
Is there a blouse that you love so much but now has become a little lacklustre? Challenge yourself to don it in a new way. If you have paired it with slim-fit jeans or trousers before, try wearing it now with a high-waisted skirt. Set your hands on different drapes and style them in a unique modish way. All you have to do is push yourself out of your own fashion comfort zone.

Introduce a New Aesthetic
Look for inspirations everywhere. In cinema, in catalogues and among your colleagues. Pick a style you really like and have not tried before. If a formal jumpsuit is not your style statement, try making it one. You don’t have to commit yourself to change but you may be surprised with what experimenting can result in.
Re-organise Your Wardrobe
Lastly, empty out the closet and rearrange it. A woman’s closet is a treasure trove. The deeper you search, the more clothes you shall find that are waiting to be re-used and re-inspire. Besides, it also streamlines your busy morning routine. You would not have to spend another minute wondering what to wear when everything is visible and accessible. A clean, organised cupboard is more easily inventoried for use.
We hope this takes care of the inspirational needs for your nine-to-five closet. It’s really that simple! All you need to do is stock your closet with the prescribed styles and keep these outfit formulas handy.
The authored article is written by Ms. Purvi Rohit Pugalia, Co-Founder-Not So Pink and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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