Bonito Designs brings ‘Celebrity Designed Homes’ to the homeowners of Bangalore

Moving into its next phase, Bonito Designs now unveils its collaboration with Gauri Khan and Manish Malhotra in Bangalore.

Actor Pranitha Subhash, along with the Chief Executive Officer of Bonito Designs, Amit Parsuramka, graced the event. The announcement follows a successful stint in Mumbai, post the launch of this partnership in July this year.

  • Actor Pranitha Subhash expresses her desire to get her dream home designed by Bonito Designs x Gauri Khan & Malhotra
  • The launch of this partnership in Bangalore comes after a resounding success in Mumbai

Bonito Designs’ partnership with Gauri Khan and Manish Malhotra, significantly elevated the brand’s standing in Mumbai, adding value to the bespoke homes it creates.

With this unveiling, the premium interior design company aims to recreate the same experience for the homeowners in Bangalore as well.

Bonito Designs, a bespoke home décor, tech design solutions and premium interior design company, is driven by a technology and design led approach.

By making celebrity designed homes a reality for every Indian, Bonito Designs has democratized the home interiors space in the country.

“Bonito is on track to achieve an ARR of USD100 mn by March 2023 and on a mission to be India’s largest home interior design brand by 2025. The collaboration of Bonito Designs with Gauri Khan & Manish Malhotra strengthened our value proposition significantly, post the launch in Mumbai, in July this year. As we move into the next phase and unveil this partnership in Bangalore, we are hoping that we can recreate the same magic here as well. To continue to help our customers live their dream with personalized and exclusive interiors, we are also working on a strong data & tech-led platform that will help us understand unique requirements of each customer and provide solutions that are exclusive to them.”

Amit Parsuramka, the CEO, of Bonito Designs, says,

“My journey with Bonito Designs has been fantastic so far. It has been an invigorating experience to create some very personalized and unique homes for the homeowners of Mumbai. We are now extremely excited to announce the next phase of this partnership, as we are all set to take this experience to Bangalore. With my personal style, coupled with the homeowner’s requirements, Bonito Designs and I will ensure that we create a home that they will love and create happy memories in. It is my belief that innovatively designed living spaces make home interiors a very personal affair and through this collaboration, the homes designed will be a complete reflection of the entire family, their different personalities and dreams”

Speaking on her partnership with Bonito, eminent designer Gauri Khan says,

“I would like to congratulate Bonito Designs as I have heard great reviews of the Gauri Khan & Manish Malhotra collaboration in Mumbai. It is extremely exciting to know that now the people of Bangalore will also have the opportunity to get their homes designed through this partnership. A lot of us dream of having a home like a celebrity’s and only Bonito Designs can make this possible. Where else will you get ace designers and stalwarts like Gauri Khan & Manish Malhotra come together to design your home? After having seeing pictures of some beautiful homes designed in Mumbai, I am looking forward to get my dream home designed through this exclusive alliance.”

Actor Pranitha Subhash says,

Over the last four years, Bonito Designs has become the third largest interior design company in the country and is well on its way to become the most profitable company in its segment by March 2024.

About Bonito Designs

Bonito Designs is India’s fastest-growing home interior brand, which is revolutionizing the interior design market by offering curated and exclusive homes for its customers.

To provide novelty to all of the homes they design, Bonito employs a “no catalogue” strategy. The company, which just expanded into Mumbai, operates four experience centres and has completed over 3000 projects to far.

Bonito wants to launch operations in Pune, Hyderabad, NCR, and Chennai in the next 18 months with Tomorrow Capital, which is supported by Lodha Ventures.

A highly scalable & profitable Interior Design brand with deep focus on design & tech. Bonito Designs is a professionally managed brand, with a real estate and consumer connect, creating a vision to democratize the home décor space.
Bonito Designs is the only player in the interior designer industry in the country that offers end-to-end homes creations solutions, with an assured delivery of 90 days.
Today the brand is a design powerhouse with international and national experts that offer personalized solutions as well as bringing international & celebrity designer living standards to the customer’s house.
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