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Did you know you can apply essence after cleansing and toning and gently pat over the face and neck to get rid of Dullness, Open Pores, Uneven Texture, and Uneven Skin Tone

Essences are essential for achieving clear, dewy skin since they provide vital ingredients. Berry Booster is enriched with plant-based antioxidants that deeply repair dull skin and restore its freshness and glow. The carefully curated formula will plump, firm, and nourish your skin. The key ingredients, such as Uva-Ursi, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Bakuchiol, help target dullness, open pores, uneven texture, and uneven skin tone while visibly reducing signs of aging.


– It is an essence, light than a serum, and helps in achieving the glass skin look

– Unique ingredients such as UVA-URSI

– Sustainable and biodegradable

Potential side effects 

– Can have a plant-based smell

– Since an essence works as both a toner and a serum together, always good to patch test as it can make the skin a little red
Prittle Prattle News highly recommends Berry Booster – Re-Texturising Essence.
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