Astrology Apps Help Millennials And Gen-Z Face Challenges In The Digital Age

The idea of astrology is not new, but it has become much more mainstream over the last few years. Far from being a thing of the past, astrology is making a twenty-first-century comeback. This shift may be one reason astrology is gaining popularity amongst all ages, especially millennials and Genz, actively seeking ways to stay healthier.

The earliest Astrology apps launched in India were almost a decade back. Since then, they have been gaining popularity among millennials. A recent KPMG stated the app market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% by 2022.

The future of astrology apps in India is going to be different. We all have dealt with uncertainty at some point, but living through the COVID-19 crisis makes it much more challenging. Many people are having trouble dealing with all this uncertainty and may need help being more optimistic in their outlook. With the rise of smartphones and the apps that go with them, many people are turning to star charts to get their daily horoscopes. The fascination with astrology goes back centuries and has always been shrouded in pseudoscience and superstition. However, this ancient practice is now experiencing a resurgence thanks to modern technology.

The rising generation of millennials and gen-Z face new challenges that their parents and grandparents did not encounter. The digital age has brought with it several changes in the way we communicate and interact with each other. However, it’s nothing compared to what’s to come. There have been many concerns that Millennials and Gen-Z face that astrology helps solve what kind of questions are asked to astrologers nowadays. Astrology can help address these issues through its traditional approach and modern technology such as social media and mobile apps.

Millennials and Gen Z have very diverse views on money management than their parents did at their age. They are much more conscious about spending their money than ever before because they see their parents struggling financially due to rising living costs and inflation. Astrology helps them understand how money flows through their lives to make better financial decisions for themselves to secure their future. It is also used for setting business purposes, such as deciding when is the best time to start a business or which type of business would be most profitable for them. They want to compete and succeed for themselves in this competitive world by starting their businesses or working for established companies. Astrology has helped numerous of them discover their strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve them to succeed in life and business efficiently.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, there are several ways astrology can benefit your life. Here are just a few:

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses -Astrology has helped millennials and gen-z to determine our strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them. Gaining this understanding is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs because they often have to wear many hats — from sales, marketing, and everything in between. Astrology will help them understand what they’re good at (and what they’re not good at) so they can focus on those areas more and delegate tasks accordingly.

Helps individuals understand others – Astrology gives us insight into other people’s personalities and behaviours by showing us how their birth charts fit with theirs. This understanding has helped them know how to relate to others more effectively, communicate with them more effectively, and get along better with them in general. So whether you’re looking for love or trying to find new employees for your business, understanding their compatibility with yours will help you avoid conflicts and keep from wasting time on people who aren’t suitable for you or your company.

Understanding your ideal clients- For individuals who are running a business or have aspirations of doing so one day, you need to know who is your perfect client. Every entrepreneur needs to know their ideal client because this will help them better target their advertising efforts and tailor their business model to those people’s needs — making it more manageable.

Guides career development- Millennials and Gen-Z who lost their jobs and wanted to find stable employment would make them feel fulfilled and challenged daily. However, numerous of them struggle with finding their dream job. In such cases, Astrology has helped provide insight into what type of work environment might be best suited for each individual based on their personality traits and zodiac sign. This information helped them understand their aptitude, which has helped them make more informed decisions about their future career path without spending years testing out different options first-hand!

Gives purpose and direction- According to astrologers, each sign has a specific purpose or mission in life. For example, if you’re born under Aries’s sign and feel like something is missing from your life, perhaps because you’ve yet to fulfil your mission as an Aries (which is often to be first). By looking back at past events in your life and analyzing how they relate to your present situation, you may be able to determine what’s missing from your current path and then take action to achieve it.
Provides insight into our lives -Our birth chart reveals what planets were aligned in the sky at our birth (along with many other factors), which explains why certain things happen in our lives more often than others. The planets don’t control us — they influence individuals based on their positioning at birth and throughout our lives.
Find meaning in life events -Astrology has helped numerous individuals find meaning in life events like their relationships or career choices. Once people understand how their personalities work, they can see how they interact with other people’s personalities to create specific dynamics within their relationships or work environments that may be causing problems for us. With this knowledge, they can begin making adjustments and changes within themselves to deal with situations to the best of their capabilities.
In a country where astrology is considered an essential part of everyone’s life, it’s not surprising that the number of astrology apps in India has increased exponentially. According to a recent Global Market Insights, Inc. report, by 2025, the global market for mobile astrology applications is expected to reach $4 billion, with India leading in revenue generation.
Astrology apps are changing the way Indians perceive astrology. People no longer have time for traditional astrologers for advice. Instead, they want immediate answers on their phone or computer screen. As a result, they have made it convenient for people to connect with astrologers worldwide without leaving their homes or offices. Also, they can share their readings with others through social media platforms without sending emails back and forth between each other daily. Technology is changing the world faster than ever before. Since we find ourselves amidst such unprecedented times, this trend will continue in the future.
This article was authored By Kalpesh Shah, CEO, MyPandit and shared with  Prittle Prattle News 
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