Amitabh Bachchan launches #Debongo, India’s new sporty-fashion brand

The legend of Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan has launched India’s unique sporty-fashion brand #Debongo with a unique campaign ‘You Are You’. The campaign will hit all over India soon.

The range of products under the #Debongo Fashion Brand will include Shoes, Sandals, Sliders and Bags now. Apparel, accessories and other range of products will be added in the next phase. #Debongo will be a unique brand that will represent timeless fashion for all age groups, specifically the teens, the youth and the young at heart. The brand is set to enhance the unique character of those wearing it and blend into their persona.

The character of the #Debongo brand is to create freshness of mind by thinking in a young frame of mind with colours, style and activity. The brand will explore all-new range of materials for comfort and style that is used by all international brands. #Debongo will be the first brand in the country which will not have a Season’s Sale as all fashion brands have. The brand thought is that the confidence of a buyer who buys a brand on sale will be let down. The brand will be priced rightly so that the customers can buy fresh products without waiting for a sale at the end of the season like other international brands. DeBongo is the latest fashion brand under the VKC Group, a trendsetting PU footwear manufacturer.

“We believe India has a huge potential for an affordable sporty-fashion brand that values the uniqueness of the user and raises their confidence every time they wear it. We want this brand to explore the potential of growing the confidence of every human being through contemporary fashion. We want the brand to highlight the fact that a beautiful India will be a collective of confident people,” said VKC Razak, Managing Director, VKC Group – The brand custodians of the #Debongo brand.

The legend of Indian cinema, Sri. Amitabh Bachchan is endorsing the brand. The ‘You are You’ campaign by the star inspires every human being to be unique and special by having a mindset that believes in their own uniqueness. The unique life and experience of the legend testify the thought that #Debongo brand espouses.

“We are pioneering an innovation in strategic thinking for the fashion industry by exploring the possibility of a brand to fit into the unique characteristics of the user and enhance their uniqueness rather than the usual pattern of a user fitting into the specific attitude of the brand. This is the essence of the ‘You are You’ campaign. And probably for the first time in a very long time in over four decades, a brand is coming out with a hand gesture as a positive brand symbolism,” said Manoj Matthai, Founder, Strategist & Chief Creative Officer, Breakthrough Brand & Business Consulting.

Brand Debongo expects to place India on the popular sporty-brand fashion map of the world by inspiring other businesses also to look into this new space in a way the Debongo Brand Custodians VKC group led the PU footwear industry to become a popular culture in India.
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