Amid overwhelming fan adoration, SEVENTEEN releases their touching first English single, ‘Darl+ing.’

SEVENTEEN is a true masterpiece by nature. A group that has demonstrated its genre-spanning brilliance in concerts of chart-topping records on several occasions. Known for mainly producing Korean music, the 13-member group has chosen to outdo themselves by releasing CARAT, their first entirely English song, as a present to their fans.

With SEVENTEEN functioning as the appropriate vehicle for a long-awaited release, ‘Darl+ing’ releases with a peaceful feeling of homeliness. The prevalence of smileys and a warm color palette throughout the music video give it an overall joyful vibe.

Natural noises are intertwined into the tune, which quickly progresses to a more daily vibe. As the sights deteriorate, you doubt the euphoria that the rhythms so clearly possess. Behind the blindfolds raised are injured faces, waves of what remains to be a shell of the once vibrant area, a negative flip side of the bit of life they were founded on.

The song’s conclusion is another demonstration of SEVENTEEN’s unrivaled craftsmanship.

With an astonishingly natural transition, they transform the song’s carefree mood into one of hopelessness and loss, and before you realize it, you’re drawn into the storyline’s intrigue. As the words dance about an undemanding yet passionate love, it’s all pastels and lovely breezes.
The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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