A Reformative Celebration of children’s day by Niine

Social celebrations can be an excellent means of awareness and education, and we tried to do just that.

Sanitary napkins were distributed to over 2000 children of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Government School at Bakhtawarpur, Delhi

Nehru’s fondness towards children and his commitment to educating them is celebrated as Children’s Day on 14th of November every year. 

As part of the awareness and Education program, Niine Pvt. Ltd. – a leading brand for menstrual hygiene products, distributed Sanitary Napkins to over 2000 children in Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Government School at Bakhtawarpur, Delhi.

While this is aimed at providing sanitary napkins to girls from economically weaker sections, it is also gracefully reformed how we have celebrated children’s day over the years.

“This time, along with creating awareness around menstrual health, Niine has aimed at reforming how we celebrate the critical days of our society.

Mr. Amar Tulsiyan – Founder Niine Pvt. Ltd

Social celebrations can be an excellent means of awareness and education, and we tried to do just that. Every child holds the right to have an understanding of the issues. Menstrual Health Awareness is a priority, and resources should be available to all.

Mr. Tulsiyan further added that Children could transform the nation, and every child must have access to education and the resources that help eliminate the obstacles that stand in their way to get the said lifestyle.

Many problems around Menstrual health could be solved, but still need to be solved due to a lack of awareness for the more significant portion of Girls. Niine’s step of celebrating children’s day by aiming to solve a girl child’s problem is truly reformative and commendable.

About Niine:

Niine Private Limited has been incepted on World Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28th May 2018. Niine Private Ltd. started to contribute towards improving female personal hygiene in India.
Niine’s hygiene solutions are crafted through rigorous testing and innovations, making Niine’s products extremely skin-friendly and absorbent. In a market dominated by two global giants, Niine has become one of the top 5 selling brands of female hygiene products in a short period of 4 years.
The company has further expanded into baby Care & hand hygiene products under the same brand name.
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