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Radha Krishna story!

Krishna is said to have gone to the field with his father when he was four or five years old, where the cattle were being fed nourishment. Lord Krishna arranged a rainstorm and pretended he didn’t know anything in order to surprise the father with the spring. It began to rain heavily, and Krishna began to cry and hugged his father for protection. His father was concerned because he had to care for both his child and livestock. When his father noticed a lovely woman approaching them, he felt comforted and asked her to look after his child. Nanda departed home with the animals after the woman told him that she would look after Krishna. When Lord Krishna and the woman were alone, Krishna did something unexpected. He came as a young man dressed in orange, with a peacock feather on his head, dark skin, and holding a flute in his hands. He inquired of the woman whether she remembered the same experience when they were in paradise before to their incarnation on Earth. She said yes, and she was Radha, his beloved. This is how they met for the first time after their earthly incarnation. Lord Krishna and Radha used to meet in Vrindavan in secret. Every day by the lakeside, Lord Krishna used to play the melodic flute, which enticed Radha to come and meet Lord Krishna. Radha and Lord Krishna are inseparable. Lord Krishna and Radha’s love was not physical; rather, it was a spiritual and pure type of devotion. As a result, Lord Krishna and Radha are thought to be two separate manifestations of the holy principle. Lord Krishna and Radha decided not to marry one other in order to demonstrate that love and marriage are not the same thing. Both of them demonstrated the ultimate devotion of love by not marrying each other, demonstrating that love is a more pure and selfless emotion than being physical.

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