Zyprr, Inc. launches new video messaging platform: ZipperHQ

Zyprr, Inc. is known for providing marketing solutions in the real estate industry for companies such as Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Sotheby’s, ReMax,

BOSTON, March 8, 2021 Zyprr, Inc. announces the official launch of its newest product ZipperHQ, a video messaging software that anyone can use to create, share and analyze personalized video content over email, text message or within social channels.

Zyprr, Inc. is known for providing marketing solutions in the real estate industry for companies such as Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Sotheby’s, ReMax, Better Homes and Garden and Keller Williams. With its newest product, ZipperHQ, seeks to expand into other industries to help salespeople, marketers, customer success professionals and more Zyprr.

“During the peak of the pandemic, people had email fatigue and I had customers coming to me asking if there was an easy way to record and send video messages to their client base. They wanted the functionality and ease of YouTube and Mail Chimp but combined in one easy-to-use application,” said Depankar Neogi, Founder of ZipperHQ. “Not only does ZipperHQ do the record & send piece, but the analytics and notification features we added make it a must-have tool for anyone needing to zero in on your next buyer quickly.”

ZipperHQ helps businesses foster more authentic connections with their customers and prospects, which helps move them along the buyers’ journey faster. The solution enables messages to stand out in crowded inboxes in three simple steps: record, send, and track.

ZipperHQ makes it easy to create your own videos right from your phone or web browser. Simply download the mobile app or sign up on your desktop to start recording authentic videos and screen recordings to keep your audience engaged. The ZipperHQ Chrome extension provides integrated video with screen capture right inside your Gmail making it very easy to send a video email.

“I’ve seen a huge lift in my open rates and replies from my clients since using ZipperHQ,” said Nick Ypsilantis, CEO of AccuFile. “People want to connect with real people, not text on a screen. The fact that I can pull out my phone and within minutes record a quick selfie-style video and send it to my client via email, text message, social media, or however else I want to communicate is a game changer.”

The ZipperHQ video messaging software also allows users to upload pre-made videos, create a video library, use prebuilt templates, customize email templates, and track video analytics.

The use cases for personalized 1:1 videos extend across a multitude of industries including marketing, sales, automotive, customer service, and real estate. Arming sellers and marketers with user generated video tools, like ZipperHQ, helps assist with prospecting, event promotion and attendance, on boarding new customers and employees, and many other activities. Learn how to get your team started with ZipperHQ with a free account at

ZipperHQ offers both a paid subscription starting at $15 per month and a freemium plan for users.


ZipperHQ is a marketing software company headquartered in Boston, MA. Our video messaging platform helps people record, send and track personalized and dynamic videos in order to engaged and connect on a deeper level with their contacts in a digitally distanced world. Get started with a free ZipperHQ account at

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