KIZOI launches all in one new app for Pre School Learning from Home in 2022

National, 17th February’ 22: Kizoi, an educational platform focused on early age learning, has launched an integrated learning platform to improve early age education by enhancing their learning experience, with more efficient teachers and with strongly participating parents.

The startup serves and delivers a learning kit that aims to provide world-class structured learning to preschool children at home. The learning program and kits have been designed according to the distinct age groups of the children.

The venture equips an all-in-one learning program with 300+ activities kits, an online learning subscription, and doorstep delivery across India. The entire curriculum is divided into easily absorbable 56 thematic units based on multi-disciplinary learning areas, including Language Skills, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Numeracy, Creative & Visual Arts, Science, and Social & Emotional Development.

Activity worksheets, flashcards for brain development, storybooks for enhancing reading, 100s of learning activities, and online revision series are some of the pre-eminent products and services of Kizoi. Kizoi’s online concept-based revision test series supports structured but fun-based learning well within the confines of the home. The screen-free experience focuses on critical learning as defined under National Education Policy appropriate for the age group. The annual development program delivers 10 learning kits every month delivered at home. The hybrid learning program supports activity-based learning with the personally curated concept-based learning videos prepared by Early Childhood practitioners.

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Swati Sharma, Founder, Kizoi said, We are delighted to be able to deliver exceptional service in the education sector that will not only help in early age children’s mental learning, but also inbuilt physical learning with our motor skills program. Our approach is to keep it simple and focused and can be summed up as being Structured learning under multiple disciplines. The range of our products includes a variety of learning tools and activities that are pre-designed and hand-picked for parents to spend some quality time with their children.

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