Aurora Solar Launches Industry’s Most Powerful End-to-End Sales Solution in 2022

The end result is that sales teams will sell more solar, and they can trust that what they are selling is precisely what they will install.

Solar design software leader extends the power of accurate design to sales teams with a suite of new offerings

SAN FRANCISCO,Aurora Solar, the industry’s leading software platform for distributed solar, today announced new offerings that enable sales teams to quote, sell, and close more deals, faster — all without sacrificing design accuracy.

For too long, solar sales teams have been stuck relying on design and engineering teams to deliver an accurate solar proposal. While some sales teams have adopted digital proposal tools to empower frontline reps, these point solutions lead to inaccurate designs that require significant rework downstream. As a result, sales and operations teams are forced to play catch-up in a vicious cycle of change orders, cancellations, and disappointed customers. This can lead to large losses for contractors, making solar more costly.

“We were literally changing over a third of our contracts when they would come in because of inaccurate production numbers, shading, or both. We’ve eliminated that to nearly zero,” said Kenny Klinger, Senior Director of Sales at POWERHOME Solar. “This makes our customers happier because we don’t have to go back and rework contract language with them, and so on, which leads to a couple important things: It has helped our retention rates, which then always leads to more referrals.”

The new Aurora Sell suite provides the only software that fully empowers sales reps while maintaining the design integrity needed for seamless downstream installation.

Sales Mode: Using a simple, guided workflow, Sales Mode allows reps to deliver an engaging buying experience and a dynamic web proposal to customers that includes all project details, as well as an interactive 3D design and integrated financing solutions. This suite of features enables sales teams to respond to customer feedback in real-time and close more deals, faster. Sales Mode AI: Through proprietary machine learning algorithms, LIDAR, and imagery data, this groundbreaking add-on delivers 3D solar designs in 30 seconds with a click of a button — using only an address and one month’s energy bill. Contract Manager: Sales reps can streamline the closing process with this fully-integrated e-signature solution that automatically populates contracts with project details and tracks document statuses in real-time.

“For years, Aurora has been trusted as the industry leader in solar design and engineering, but we had a reputation of not being user-friendly enough for sales teams,” said Samuel Adeyemo, Co-founder of Aurora Solar. “Our new Sell suite fixes that — at the click of a button, a salesperson can create an accurate design and make a slick proposal. It is hands-down the easiest solution on the market, but what I love the most about it is that it is still accurate: Aurora’s sales solutions use the same technology that has been trusted for millions of solar projects. The end result is that sales teams will sell more solar, and they can trust that what they are selling is precisely what they will install.”
Enabling sales organizations to deliver accurate proposals at scale is critical to lowering soft costs and advancing solar adoption. With these newest capabilities, Aurora Solar helps the industry take a critical step forward toward a future of clean energy for all.
Aurora Solar’s latest solar product innovations will be highlighted at the inaugural demo day event, Sunrise 2022, which takes place online on March 2, 2022. To register, visit:

About Aurora Solar Inc.

Aurora Solar is a fast-growing technology company whose digital platform enables solar professionals to streamline complex and costly manual processes, so they can focus on what matters — driving solar adoption at scale. The award winning San Francisco-based company powers over 5,000 of the solar industry’s most successful organizations, and was voted the best solar software solution by Solar Power World in 2021. Over 7 million solar projects have been designed in Aurora globally. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @AuroraSolarInc.

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