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Smile Coffee Werks® Pod is the First and Only to Achieve Composting Manufacturing Alliance Windrow Certification

Smile Coffee Werks® exclusively produces compostable products and backs them with facts while always providing certifications.

Smile Coffee Werks® proudly announces approval from the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) to its ever-growing list of environmental certifications.

CMA is the national standard in determining how well products break down in actual, large-scale compost manufacturing technologies.

It represents the growing partnership of compost manufacturing facilities and product manufacturers collaborating to vet compostables for real-world industrial processes via lab tests, field tests, and practical “continuous improvement” strategies.

Smile Coffee Werks® exclusively produces compostable products and backs them with facts while always providing certifications. Combined with our Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), Carbon Neutral, and USDA Biobased certifications, CMA’s composter approved logo is yet another validation that Smile® pods break down in composting.

Smile® understands the importance of third-party testing and puts its pods to the test to eliminate consumer and trade confusion while elevating convenience, particularly as state and local laws increase scrutiny of recycling and compostable claims.

No other coffee pod can match our certification. After three years of collaboration with CMA, Smile® adjusted its formula and filters to pass windrow testing.

Our plant-based pod’s feasibility under windrow composting elevates the environmental convenience of Smile® as many US composting facilities utilize windrow composting.

“Our customers are having a hard time keeping up with the everchanging environmental restrictions on a national, state and local level. We make it turn-key for them because all our certifications address these changes. Smile is proud that our entire coffee pod system is the first to be CMA-windrow approved and that we can now show consumers and composters that our packaging is ‘composter approved.'”

Co-Founder Frankie Schuster stated,

“Smile Coffee Werks’ commitment to working with compost manufacturers, ASTM labs and product design experts demonstrate their commitment to getting things right at the highest level. They have spent years to achieve this, and I hope others will follow Smile’s example to help us make the system work for receiving facilities, product manufacturers and for the planet. The team at Smile is an example of compostables done right!”

Janet Thoman, Compliance Director at CMA, stated,

Smile Coffee Werks and the green coffee pod are U.S. registered trademarks of Smile Beverage Werks, LLC. All rights reserved. Commercial composting facilities may not exist in your area. Visit to find a compost facility near you!

About Smile Beverage Werks PBC

Smile Beverage Werks, PBC is a Delaware Public Benefits Corporation with a sustainability mission. We are committed to developing and manufacturing compostable food and beverage packaging including single-use coffee pods, straws, and bags.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Sands and green construction expert Frank Schuster, Smile Beverage Werks® produces the only commercially compostable, carbon neutral coffee pods not requiring any additional film for shelf life or a separation of lid, filter, and grounds for disposal. Follow @smilecoffeewerks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram or visit our website to learn more.

About the Compost Manufacturing Alliance

The Compost Manufacturing Alliance is a nationwide partnership of compost manufacturing facilities providing certification and field disintegration testing of compostable food service products for a growing network of compost facilities across North America.

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