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Hummingbird-Verde Partners with Method Man’s Cannabis Brand, TICAL

Northern California's fastest-growing Equity Trade Certified cannabis company, Hummingbird-Verde (HMBV), announced it is the exclusive partner of California cannabis for TICAL

Two Privately Held Cannabis Companies in Partnership Advances Social Equity, Inclusivity, and Expands Consumers Access to the Highest Quality Equity Trade Certified Cannabis in California

Northern California’s fastest-growing Equity Trade Certified cannabis company, Hummingbird-Verde (HMBV), announced it is the exclusive partner of California cannabis for TICAL, the iconic cannabis brand founded by hip hop legend, actor, and cannabis activist, Method Man.

HMBV Partnership Expands TICAL Brand

Today’s announcement establishes HMBV as a partner with TICAL to further develop and expand the brand in California by handling all production and distribution of TICAL products.

The partnership’s products will feature expertly curated, hand-selected flower cultivated by some of the top cannabis brands in California, with Method Man himself making the final selections used in the production.

TICAL’s acronym “taking into consideration all lives” was initially conceived by Method Man in 1994, with the release of his solo album with the same title. It represents advancing racial and social equity in the cannabis industry.


Customers and fans are invited to come celebrate at the Krush Groove Pre-Party for an exclusive preview of TICAL’s newest strains: Cheeba, Love Jones, and The Method. The party takes place Saturday, April 30th from 1-7 PM at the LitCo dispensary at 1323 Flower St., Los Angeles.

Attendees will have a chance to experience the new TICAL strains produced by HMBV, enjoy music with Wu Tang Clan’s official DJ, Allah Mathematics and 3x Female DJ of the year, DJ Carisma.

In addition a graffiti artist will be featured, as well as, food trucks, giveaways, and TICAL merchandise. And, “special guest” appearances are expected ahead of Method Man performing at Krush Groove on stage at the Arena in Los Angeles.

Advancing Socially Conscious Flower

TICAL products will reach more cannabis consumers in dispensaries across California with this collaboration, and this deal is a testament to the success of supporting private-owned, equitably grown cannabis companies and racial inclusivity within the cannabis industry.
HMBV’s presence in California’s cannabis space has been a model for social equity businesses. As a female-co-founded social equity and family-owned company, HMBV has built a reputation for its limited release, small-batch collaborations that allow adult-use consumers access to marijuana for enjoyment and healing.
HMBV’s premier brands are BeMore Blunt, Shaman Extracts, and Everyday. The company culminated in working decades under Prop 215, when patient focus and compassionate care were the centers of California’s cannabis industry.

“We’ve come a long way, but our objective remains the same: providing high-quality products and being a socially-conscious, social equity business our partnership with TICAL is dynamic, including connecting high-quality products with Method Man’s formidable cannabis brand, representing racial equity and inclusivity, and honest and serious issues that Method Man has been advocating for. There’s a lot happening in the weeks ahead that center around Method Man, TICAL, and HMBV, and I couldn’t be more excited,”

said Maribel Diaz, co-founder of HMBV.
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