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After CEO Robert Ming Dies in Plane Crash ThoughtWorld Leadership Plans To Carry On The Social Media and Market Research venture is prepping to enter its Beta Testing phase

Filling Robert's shoes is difficult, but the ThoughWorld leadership team will step up to bring this world-changing product to market.

VENTURA, Calif., It is with sadness and grief that ThoughtWorld acknowledges the passing of CEO and founder Robert Ming and makes plans to move his visionary business forward.

Robert died Sunday morning near Kansas City when the plane he was piloting crashed. He was 51. No one else was aboard. His friends, colleagues, and admirers are heartbroken.

“The world lost a great leader whose vision was to save humanity from hatred and division. His dream for ThoughtWorld, to make a place for thoughtful, reasoned discussion about real, important issues that isn’t plagued with tribal arguments and spite,” said Chief Operating Officer Jim Hill. “That dream will carry on.”

Those who know Robert know he would want to see ThoughtWorld make a positive impact on planet Earth. With that in mind, ThoughtWorld will continue preparations for the website’s beta testing phase, and app store updates that are planned for the next weeks and months. These milestones, though bittersweet, bring Robert’s vision one step closer to reality.

Robert’s vision was that everyone’s thoughts would have a place on the worldwide spectrum, where people can safely and anonymously share what’s on their mind, see what others think, and add real value to market research and data science.
Filling Robert’s shoes is difficult, but the ThoughWorld leadership team will step up to bring this world-changing product to market. Chief Customer Officer Lessie Russell, Chief Revenue Officer Sanford Cameron, Chief Operating Officer Jim Hill will continue in their roles and coordinate efforts for technology, marketing, and sales.
Ming’s heart for the human race was captured through his vision, mission, and future of ThoughtWorld. Ming said…”ThoughtWorld, this is the very least we can do to serve. Many people don’t feel safe sharing their true thoughts or opinions online anymore. With so many lies and half-truths out there, censorship and cancel culture keeping ideas suppressed, it’s hard for people to know what to believe.”
Ming was not only the founder and CEO of ThoughtWorld. He was also a Founding Partner of Quadrant Law Group, a law firm that specializes in technology contract negotiation. Ming also twice served as Mayor of Laguna Niguel, California.
Ming also founded the Association of California Cities – Orange County, a public policy think tank for bringing elected officials together to tackle some of the most difficult political issues of the day. He loved making safe places where people can learn and expand their minds as he has done as Chairman of Stoneybrooke Christian Schools, where he has served for 17 years.
His wife Susie, is committed to Robert’s legacy and mission to create a brave new world where their four children can hear and be heard without fear or violence, where they can think and understand the opinions of others and bridge the gaps between people.

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