XCMG Sees Exports Surge in Early 2022, with Batch Exports of Customized Products to Asia-Pacific Countries

SHANGHAI, Feb. 28, 2022 — XCMG (SHE:000425) has recently delivered over 200 orders of customized products to countries chiefly in the Asia-Pacific region, including cranes, horizontal directional drills, crawler cranes, road machinery and more. Among them, the XCA800 all-terrain crane being exported to high-end markets in Asia-Pacific has broken XCMG’s own record of exporting the largest tonnage all-terrain crane set by the export of QAY650 to Morocco and Brazil previously.

“XCMG’s overall strategy in the Asia-Pacific region is to emphasize the customization of products to meet the specific needs of customers, as well as reliable services that guarantee the excellent performance of our equipment products,” said Wang Min, CEO and Chairman of XCMG.

In January, XCMG exported large batches of crawler cranes to both Belt and Road Initiative countries and high-end markets, marking year-on-year growth of more than 500 percent.

The customized cranes that XCMG exports to Asia-Pacific markets are widely recognized for their design, functionality, quality and reliability:

Highly adaptable: the cranes can operate continuously under high temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius and ensure reliable operation in the rain. Impressive configuration: the cranes provide different configurations of control model, function configuration, safety installation and caution lights. Excellent performance: the lifting performance of XCMG cranes exceeds the industry average by 2-20 percent, the rideability is 2-18 percent above the industry average, and the use of a new hydraulic system makes operation smoother and more precise. Highly intelligent: adopting industry-leading intelligent control technologies such as hoisting amplitude compensation control, winching follow-up control and autonomous working condition planning. High-end quality: all-new man-machine interaction experience with full ergonomic cabin design equipped with a 10.4-inch true color touch screen, the cranes also adopt 13 intelligent and information-based interactive technologies.

In the meantime, XCMG has exported more than 500 units of customized road machinery equipment products to 26 countries, covering the entire road machinery product portfolio. The GR5505 grader has the largest horsepower in the world and has achieved technological breakthroughs in terms of environmental adaptability in high temperatures and high dust, man-machine comfort, equipment safety, low maintenance time and high availability. The model has successfully been adopted by the world’s most renowned mining companies.

In addition, XCMG has already exported over 30 units of horizontal directional drills to the Philippines in January. XCMG now has the largest share in the horizontal directional drill market and owns the largest tonnage product in the world, the XZ13600, which can be deployed for super constructions of long-distance pipeline crossing as well as livelihood projects, and has developed the world’s first horizontal directional drill powered by lithium battery, the XZ4055 that won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award in 2021.
“XCMG places a keen focus on customization and localization strategy to serve globe wide clients by providing the most suitable solutions of building up the community for a shared future to mankind’, which is our ultimate mission to achieve through adaptive R&D and innovative service,” said Wang.
XCMG now exports to 37 countries and regions in Asia-Pacific, with an accumulated sales of equipment reaching 15,000 units in the past three years, and total sales amounting US$ 1 billion. The company has established a comprehensive sales and service network in the region, including 42 initial distributors, 29 overseas service & spare parts centers, three overseas subsidiaries and seven overseas offices, to provide prompt and attentive services and support for customers.

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