Allied Permits Launches Operations in Michigan

Investor Vincent Carney from Kansas City to bring his fuel and trip permit company to the Great Lakes State

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Allied Permits, a company specializing in providing fuel and trip permits for the transportation industry, proudly announced today that they have expanded their operations to the state of Michigan. The customer-focused company prides itself on having several features that are not found with its competition including a completely paperless platform, online permit deliveries that occur in minutes, and a fully US-based support team.

“Michigan is virtually synonymous with vehicles and transportation, and its position as a main border crossing to Canada is pivotal to the industry,” commented company Founder and President Vince Carney. “It’s for these reasons that we are so excited to be expanding our service to the state of Michigan on Allied Permits and the platform.”

Michigan is a critically important state for transportation and logistics. According to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), 37% of the $526 billion US/Canadian annual trade flows through the state’s borders. Furthermore, MDOT has an aggressive Five-Year Transportation Plan to continue investing in the state’s infrastructure through various initiatives such as highway and bridge projects.

Commercial trucks that frequently travel across state lines will often carry an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) decal as well as an International Registration Plan (IRP). These agreements ensure that each state or municipality receives their fair share of registration and fuel tax without requiring trucks to register in every region. In Michigan, Trip and Fuel permits are required by any vehicles with three or more axles, or any vehicles over 26,000 pounds as well as vehicles traveling in multiple IFTA member jurisdictions. These permits are required to avoid expensive fines for non-compliance.
For those not often traveling across state lines, the IRPs and IFTAs can be expensive and the registration process can be cumbersome. Temporary fuel and trip permits are a much easier and less costly alternative. Often, commercial trucks with IRPs will even utilize temporary permits when traveling through a region in which they don’t often find themselves.
Founded by Vince Carney in Kansas City, Missouri, Allied Permits seeks to streamline the process for those looking to obtain fuel and trip permits, while providing the best customer support in the industry. The company is currently licensed and operating for providing permits in Michigan, with expansion plans underway.

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