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New Heartfelt Collection of Parables Invites Readers to Embark on an Inner Journey to Discover Their Purpose and Awaken to Their Authentic Selves this 2021

by PrittlePrattleNews

Authors and spiritual teachers Georges and Judith Arseneau have released “Awakening: A Journey Within,” an uplifting collection of stories designed to guide readers toward discovering the depth and magnitude of the Creator’s love. Through spirited prose and delightful illustrations, each parable in the book speaks directly to the heart, affirming the divine connection between all living beings and stirring an awakening from deep within.

Perceptive to the desperate need for hope and love in the world, the authors sought to share inspiring stories that would awaken readers to who they really are and the purpose that God has for their lives. Wrapped in radiant warmth and gentle encouragement, “Awakening” demonstrates that, first and foremost, all people are pure, innocent and beautiful children of God, formed in love and tenderness.

“We felt the pain of so many people as they searched for answers to the ever-present questions: ‘Who am I?,’ ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What is my life?,'” said the authors. “We felt this book might appeal to that ever-present light within their hearts and give them the courage to venture out on their own journeys. Our desire for everyone is that they find their own answers, and ultimately discover love within themselves and all of creation.”

Through developing a clearer perspective on the world and their place within it, readers will be better prepared for their ascension into total awareness. Ultimately, “Awakening” acts as the soil in which readers can lay roots and begin blossoming into their fullest potential.

“Our only desire is for you, the readers, to immerse yourselves in these stories, and as you read them, to live them as if they are your own,” said the authors. “They are meant to be read by the heart, not so much by the mind. If there is one story that speaks to you and inspires you to set out on your own journey within and awaken to who you are, then the book has fulfilled its purpose.”
“Awakening: A Journey Within”

By Georges and Judith Arseneau

Georges and Judith Arseneau are lifelong experiencers who teach classes in metaphysics and spiritual transformation. They are also coordinators for Florida-based nonprofit, Angels of Hope Love is Real. The organization is widely known for their initiatives “Kids to Seniors,” which brings seniors and kids together, and “Kids to Kids,” which connects children all over the planet. They currently live in Florida.

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