New Breast Cancer Book by Cathy Alves Davis Is a Story of Love, Adversity, and Miracles

New Breast Cancer Book by Cathy Alves Davis Is a Story of Love, Adversity, and Miracles

Morgan James’ new release, Myrcles: A True Story of Divine Intervention, Hope and Inspiration, by Cathy Alves Davis, encourages people to seek God for strength and hope during difficult times.

After learning she was diagnosed with Aggressive Stage III Breast Cancer, Cathy Alves Davis sought God for help, hope, and healing. Unknown to her, she was about to step into her Divine Destiny. Myrcles focuses on Davis’ journey as she talks about her trials and experiences. Her life story is filled with adversity, betrayal, faith, family, hope, inspiration, love and miracles.

Cathy Alves Davis hopes that her story will motivate others into seeking divine intervention. Davis wants to give hope and inspiration to countless people, especially those that are currently going through their own battles. In Myrcles, Christians and nonbelievers alike can step into Cathy’s life to discover how her faith helped her overcome adversity, giving her a new beginning in life.

About the Author:

Cathy Alves Davis lives with her husband in Montclair, Virginia. In 1998, she received a deadly diagnosis of Stage III Aggressive Breast Cancer. That’s when God spoke to her as He had done when she was a young child. God allowed her to know that she would survive and that one day she would go on to write a book of hope and inspiration that would help countless others. Years after her miraculous recovery at the famed Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C., Cathy began the task of writing the book God told her to write. She named the book Myrcles. For more than two decades now, she has gone on to counsel women of all ages who are facing frightening odds themselves. She has appeared on QVC, Nightline, ABC, and NBC news. Cathy also wrote a feature story for Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine titled Stay In The Day. 

About Morgan James Publishing:

Morgan James publishes trade quality titles designed to educate, encourage, inspire, or entertain readers with current, consistent, relevant topics that are available everywhere books are sold.

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