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New Book Reflects on 2020 While Providing Laughs in These Troubled Times

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APOPKA, Fla., June 1, 2021– 2020 is a year that was a massive turn in events. In Steve Gismondi’s newly released book, “2020: The Lost Year Under King Trump,” readers will experience the author’s witty humor while incorporating his own opinions on daily news topics from politics, sports to other world events. Throughout the book, Gismondi covers all current events within the past year and tries to open readers’ eyes to the truth.

“2020: The Lost Year Under King Trump” is a book unlike any other. The author provides comedic relief while also addressing very crucial events that society needs to be aware of. Each page is a different account of what was happening in the United States of America, as taken from the pages of the Orlando Sentinel. While he provides his opinion with humor, he also addresses serious matters that reflect how 2020 was truly a lost year from the author’s point of view.

“I wrote this book to shed some light on the daily occurrences that the United States was experiencing,” said Gismondi. “I wanted to provide my opinions while making individuals laugh while covering subjects from Donald J. Trump and the Republicans to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to world events and famous athletes. My new book touches on every topic one could think of while sticking true to who I am and the truth people need to identify.”

Ultimately, “2020: The Lost Year Under King Trump” will educate readers while making them laugh at the same time. Gismondi also will be donating 75% of the profits from this book to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help fight cancer. Not only will readers be getting a good laugh, but they will also be giving back to a fantastic organization.

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