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Famous Beaches in south goa

Beaches Because it is buried between two hills, Cola Beach is known as the Secret Beach.

The beaches in South Goa are nothing like the beaches in North Goa.

While North Goa is known for its rows of beach shacks, flea markets, and unlimited variety of food, South Goa’s beaches are ideal for those seeking tranquilly.

Those who aren’t into partying and prefer to rest in the sun can enjoy the beaches of South Goa; these are our favourites. Butterfly Beach is a tranquil, secluded stretch of sand off the coast of the more well-known Agonda Beach. Even during the busiest tourist season, it is a rather unusual destination with very few tourists. It’s accessible via a boat ride from Agonda, a short climb, or a drive up a backroad only the locals know about. It’s the ideal spot for a picnic; bring a lunch, a book, and relax on the sand. Because it is buried between two hills, Cola Beach is known as the Secret Beach.

Cola’s pure waters attract a large number of visitors who climb up from Agonda Beach. If all you want to do is soak up the sun, lounge on the sand, or go for casual afternoon swims, this is a terrific alternative. This is the greatest of Goa’s legendary susegad life. Palolem is one of South Goa’s most beautiful beaches, and it became famous for its quiet parties. These parties were the first of their sort in the country, with revellers listening to music through headphones and dancing to it while the environment remained silent and unaffected.

The white-sand beach here is really tempting, and there are plenty of places to stay and eat to keep you entertained. Another single beach in South Goa, and residents consider it to be one of the state’s most beautiful. It is nestled between hills and is popular with residents who frequent it for hikes and picnics.

A river runs through it to the north, making it feel more like a cosy hideaway perfect for a small gathering. It’s also close to the Fort of Cabo de Rama, which is well worth visiting.

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