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Unraveling of Five College Friends is Strongly Anticipated Sequel as They Face Murder, Jealousy and Deceit, exciting story of 2021

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No friendship is ever perfect, no matter how it might appear. In JoJo Mac’s first book, “Secrets: Mixed up Moods and Deadly Attitudes,” Amanda, Melanie, Natasha, Kylie and Keri were all living in Florida, thriving in their careers and relationships until the unthinkable happened. In the sequel, “Secrets Part 2: Unmasked,” Mac reveals the women’s trials and tribulations following the murder of their friend.

It has been four years since Unraveling Amanda killed Melanie leaving behind a conundrum of heartache, disbelief and pain. Natasha, Kylie and Keri have tried to pick up the pieces and move on, but it has been far from easy. The friendship between them has been stretched to its limits, not only by Melanie’s unforgivable act but by the hardships that followed. The aftermath has left each woman in a place they never dreamed possible as they question everything.

“This story, a continuation from the first book is fiction. Just plain old storytelling with just enough suspense to keep the reader interested,” said Mac. “However, the stories within the story are synonymous with everyday life, and therefore are relatable on many levels. A conclusion that explains why readers will find the book relatable.”

In “Secrets Part 2: Unmasked,” Mac explores the impact the events in “Secrets: Mixed up Moods and Deadly Attitudes” played on the women’s individual relationships and with their spouses, their internal struggles, how they changed in four years and if any of them will ever be able to really trust again. Mac brings fans answers that left them hanging and uncovers the role money, lust and jealously plays on the women’s lives that were turned upside down.

JoJo Mac is an author, singer, songwriter and news presenter. Mac is an avid tennis player, loves reading, doing crossword puzzles and is crazy good at Scrabble. She is also the author of “Secrets: Mixed Up Moods and Deadly Attitudes.” Mac is from Clarendon, Jamaica and currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband.
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