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Chambers Bay Construction Launches New Division with Novel Approach to Roofing near Tacoma, WA

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash., May 13, 2021 Chambers Bay Construction, well-respected general contractor and design-build construction company, announces today the launch of its new division,

The decision comes after several years observing poor quality roofing jobs in Tacoma and surrounding areas and wanting to do better.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to fix botched roofing jobs by roofing companies,” states Mark Carter II, Founder & CEO of Chambers Bay Construction.

“The roofers didn’t check for rot or structural damage under the roof or inform the customer about obvious damage if they did see it. They just installed the roof right over a dying foundation, which is the last thing you want to do. The roof will crumble under stress without a strong foundation. It’s like they just wanted to get the job done, get paid, and get out of there.”

“I won’t let this happen in my company,” he adds. “Chambers Bay Roofers will show up and do it right.”

According to Mark, the importance of a roof’s structure is often downplayed in construction circles, despite the roof’s vital role in protecting the rest of the house.

Apparently, many roofing companies only work on the outermost layers of a roof, paying little to no attention to a roof’s foundation.

He also states that the importance of customer service has become somewhat of a laughingstock.

Imagine being sold top-dollar roofing materials that only last a fraction of the time that they are supposed to last, because the roofers didn’t check the structure beneath the roof or inform you about rot.

Making Customer Service Matter Again

Mark states that he’s been on the customer side numerous times when contracting out roofing companies for larger construction jobs, so he knows what it’s like. He’s heard salesmen toss prices his way just to see what sticks, and he’s felt increasingly taken advantage of.

“We are different because we know what it feels like to be the customer,” he states.

“We sell what we’d use on our own roofs, and we treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated. It’s really that simple.”  And, the community seems to agree, at least according to customer reviews.

Uniting Subtrades Under One Roof
According to Michael Noonan, Customer Solutions Specialist at Chambers Bay Roofing, the company is more than just a roofing company.
“With over 20 years of multi-trade construction experience, Chambers Bay knows what to look for, and they know how to get the job done right,” he states.
“Management oversees every project to make sure the team is trained across relevant construction disciplines, and they work together as a cohesive unit to get the job done right, on time and on budget.”
If one of the roofers see rotten trusses, their team of specialists will step in to ensure that the proper engineering and permits are obtained. After that, their team of carpenters will step in to make the necessary repairs.
Final Thoughts
It seems that Chambers Bay Roofing will be offering more than quality roofing, top-notch customer service and competitive pricing.
They seem intent on transforming the Roofing and subtrades industry altogether by setting the bar higher for quality, transparency, integrity, and professionalism.rt

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