On International Day of Yoga, the TreeHouse chain of schools organised Yoga sessions for students  

The TreeHouse chain of schools celebrated International Day of Yoga, by organising special Yoga assemblies where thousands of students participated. Educationist and founder of TreeHouse, Rajesh Bhatia has always been a proponent of holistic education that promotes mental and physical wellness apart from honing academic excellence.

He says, “The amount of stress children have undergone during the pandemic is unprecedented. Their personal, social, and academic lives were disrupted. Many lost their near and dear ones or saw their parents go through economic hardships. These memories will stay with them for life and we cannot ignore the lasting impact this trauma will have on their developing personalities. This is why as educators, we need to teach stress management and wellness practices like Yoga to our young.”

Bhatia points out that schools the world over are becoming increasingly sensitive to the mental health of children and are offering counselling support as well as wellness guidance in the form of mindfulness techniques, meditation, therapeutic dance, art and music sessions, and yes, even Yoga. He adds, “There is no reason why we cannot initiate our children to manage their stress via Yoga and breathing exercises in our schools. Yoga is a way of life and once a child discovers the positivity and healing Yoga brings with it, he or she will incorporate it into everyday life by choice.”

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