The pandemic has affected the fates of entire nations and individuals throughout the world.

Despite superior infrastructure and considerable efforts in public health, many affluent countries have been unable to combat the pandemic’s onslaught. Many top ‘experts’ had written off India’s capacity to meet the challenge totally in this context. Doomsday scenarios were proposed, including mass deaths and chaos.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi’s firm hold on the government improved India’s fortunes in the war against the virus. He assumed complete command of the country’s response mechanisms and simplified processes to reduce red tape. Led by fact-based scientific advice, the Indian government galvanized its inheritance of insufficient resources, rapidly augmented capacity, and prudently spent its reserves on the most effective solutions.

As a result, even after three waves of the pandemic, India has saved more lives than most of the world’s countries. With one of the lower mortality paces, the government has proven the cynics wrong. As a testament to its scientific and technological prowess, the country has not only developed multiple indigenous vaccines. Still, it is also running the world’s largest vaccination drive, supported by world-class infrastructure.

Due to our nurturing character, our country has served as the “pharmacy of the globe,” giving life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to other countries. With a firm determination to help all of humanity recover from the pandemic, India has committed over five billion vaccine doses for countries in need in 2022. It plans to provide more until every human being is safe.

A Nation to Protect is the authoritative narrative of India’s pandemic response from the highest levels of government and leadership.
The authored article is written by Nikita Katarmal and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.
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