The Pandemic has resulted in a scarcity of land

The Pandemic spread all over the world has destroyed the lives of humans.

The growing death rate has resulted in a scarcity of medicines and hospital beds. It is such a miserable situation where people are not even getting a place to admit themselves. The other issue is the rising up of scarcity of land. There’s no place left to bury the covid Pandemic bodies. The destruction has lasted in the loss of lives. Doctors are not able to understand how, when, and where to bury the bodies.

It is such a critical condition where people have to stand in a queue to burn dead bodies, apart from the pain and sorrow of loved ones. Family and relatives are in tension about where and how to bury those bodies. Oxygen, free from nature, has to pay an ample amount of money to buy oxygen cylinders.

In many hospitals, it has become to find a bed. Even to a noncovered patient, the mattresses and oxygen cylinders are challenging to get. It was never imagined to face such destruction in the future. The loss of economy can be built. But the lost lives are impossible to give birth to. Upto the last breath of a person, no loved one is allowed to see or meet. Today the situation is we can’t even have an earlier memory with the beloved once. It has become a straightway—home to hospital and directly to graveyard. One Pandemic has taught us the importance of life.

The importance of freedom and the importance of our loved ones. We had tremendous pride in our motherland, which now is seen as a graveyard everywhere.

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