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Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists to offer podiatrist diabetic foot care and podiatrist diabetic shoes at their Royal Oak, MI & Berkley in 2021

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Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists are now offering podiatrist diabetic foot care, podiatrist diabetic shoes diabetes blood flow evaluations at their Royal Oak, MI podiatrist & Berkley, MI podiatrist office. Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists strive to provide modern podiatrist and foot doctor diabetes care. As well as high-risk diabetic foot care to their patients through diabetic shoe dispensing, telehealth evaluations for the diabetic foot, and diabetes home care options.

Diabetes can cause diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic foot ulcers and diabetic foot infections. It is crucial to make your podiatrist or foot doctor part of the foot care team to help treat your diabetic foot and help prevent future hospitalizations.

Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists include podiatrists and foot doctors that specialize in caring for diabetes of the foot and ankle, dispensing diabetic shoes as well as evaluating diabetic foot ulcers and diabetic foot infections.

The podiatrists and foot doctors at Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists include Dr. Tom Biernacki DPM , Dr. Jeffrey Klein DPM, Dr. Robert Strasberger DPM, Dr. Andrew Thompson DPM, Dr. Herbert Bircoll DPM, Dr. Gerald Gold DPM & Dr. Leslie Joseph DPM. The team offers over 100+ years of diabetic foot care as well as diabetic foot and infections!

The Prime Foot & Ankle podiatrist and foot doctor clinic prides itself as providing modern and advanced podiatrist care. Podiatrists and foot doctors can now offer telehealth appointments for more urgent diabetic foot infections, or concern about diabetic foot ulcers. If the patient is not able to make it into clinic, the podiatrists and foot doctors of this clinic can help with in person podiatrist home care appointments.

Dr. Tom Biernacki states “Diabetic foot care is extremely important as part of a diabetic patient’s long-term care. We know that not everyone can make it into clinic, so it is crucial to have services like podiatrist telehealth and podiatrist home care visits available. Diabetes can cause diabetic infections and diabetic foot ulcers to develop quickly. It is essential to get these treated as quickly as possible.”

A unique feature of Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists is that they are one of the leaders in southeast Michigan in both podiatrist telemedicine and home care visits. The foot doctors and podiatrists at this clinic have been providing podiatrist home care visits, podiatrist house call visits and telehealth options for numerous years.

Prime Foot & Ankle Specialists have been providing care to the Metro Detroit Area for over 30 years. The headquarters are in Berkley, Michigan.

Prime Foot and Ankle Specialists Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Better Serve YouSymptoms of heel pain include pain when you first wake up in the morning, burning, numbness, and worsening symptoms by the end of the day. The tightening of the plantar fascia ligament on the bottom of the foot is usually the source of the pain. The arch is supported by the plantar fascia ligament—the ligament contracts when you are at rest. As you begin to walk, the ligament pulls and may slightly tear, causing pain. Trauma, overexertion, ill-fitting shoes, or poor foot alignment can all cause heel pain.
For the best possible foot support, we frequently prescribe custom orthotics to the patients. Custom molded orthotics are shoe inserts that are explicitly custom-molded to your foot in order to correct faulty foot alignment and bring your foot into a more correct position. We find that the majority of our patients respond favorably to conservative treatment. Surgery may be required for patients who require additional treatment.

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