OMRON Healthcare transforms its home blood pressure monitors into smart devices

All the BP monitors offered by OMRON Healthcare are clinically validated for accuracy.

OMRON Healthcare, a global pioneer in home blood pressure monitoring and cardiovascular disease management solutions, has improved its BP monitor line by converting them into “connected” devices.

This substantial enhancement to the portfolio will provide users and healthcare practitioners with more seamless, effortless, real-time, and accurate control over hypertension management.

The devices are now linked, allowing blood pressure data to be easily transferred through OMRON’s application called ‘OMRON connect’.

India’s first-of-its-kind mobile app in the telehealth segment for BP – with the help of inbuilt Bluetooth technology in the devices, enabling real-time and convenient tracking for both users and physicians.

“Remote patient monitoring relies on connected devices to bridge the distance between a doctor and a patient. The upgrade by OMRON is a big leap in the right direction to achieve our Going for Zero vision that aims to help people of India prevent health event recurrence in the cardiovascular health space. It will redefine the role of a blood pressure monitor and the way we manage hypertension by giving consumers more power in managing their blood pressure, by providing physicians more insights to evolve treatment, and by widening the scope of personalized treatment,”

said Mr. Kotaro Suzuki, Managing Director, OMRON Healthcare India on the launch.

Numerous randomized controlled trials have documented that Self Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring with Clinical Support (SMBP) – training patients to regularly monitor and record their own blood pressure at home with a personal device and rely on clinical support as needed- is an effective way for successful BP control regimen and effective prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

The App makes it easy to record, view and wirelessly sync a user’s blood pressure data and provides an easy-to-use dashboard for viewing recent measurements, tracking progress, and sending medication reminders.

The data can also be easily exported and shared across any medium (email, WhatsApp) and format (Excel, PDF, etc.). making it possible to have a real time supervision with physicians. Data from OMRON connected devices can be shared with other Health Apps too.

To make the application accessible to more people across India who are still using the older variants of OMRON BP Monitors, OMRON has also introduced the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology feature which allows to capture & record BP readings of non-connected OMRON devices and transfers it to phone.

A unique feature “BP Diary” has also been included in the app which gives an automated and easy way to keep a record and advisory for a person’s BP readings & management in accordance with his lifestyle along with monitoring & medication reminders.

All the BP monitors offered by OMRON Healthcare are clinically validated for accuracy and meet the highest international standards of precision and reliability.

They also use patented Intellisense technology and IntelliWrap™ 360° accuracy cuff to ensure precise measurement in home environment.

About OMRON Healthcare

OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for home health monitoring and therapy, is dedicated to advancing health and empowering people around the world to enjoy life to the fullest.
The company creates and offers remote patient monitoring services for the management of cardiovascular conditions.
OMRON Healthcare has strived to enhance lives and contribute to a better society throughout its history by producing technologies that help people avoid, treat, and manage their medical conditions at home and in clinical practise in over 110 countries.
OMRON produces the world’s most recommended blood pressure monitors by healthcare professionals, with over 300 million units sold globally(3) (4).
The company offers cardiovascular condition management, respiratory care, and pain therapy equipment as well as product and service solutions.

The OMRON Healthcare Group is based in Kyoto, Japan.

OMRON Healthcare India, founded in 2010, has established itself as a prominent participant in the country’s health monitoring industry, supplying high-quality blood pressure monitors, respiratory treatment devices, body fat monitors, digital thermometers, pain management devices, and so on.
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