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An Interview with Bhavna V, Co-Founder, on Innovation, Sustainability, and Market Leadership stands out as a pioneering platform providing innovative self-heating and pain relief products. In this exclusive interview with Bhavna V, Co-Founder of, we explore the journey, challenges, and future of this remarkable brand.

What inspired you to create, and how your diverse background in commerce, technical analysis, and digital marketing, influence its development?

In order to meet the demand for a well-thought-out platform for the introduction of our self-heating goods, WARMEE and BluHeat, as well as to provide an easy way for our customers to approach us, was developed. Our goal was to establish a brand that would be synonymous with self-heating and pain relief items—basically, a one-stop shop where consumers could find a wide range of cutting-edge products for times when they need immediate warmth or pain relief. Considering my years of work experience and entrepreneurial expertise, initiating and guiding its growth and success was an incredibly intriguing as well as a fascinating journey.

Can you share some of the early challenges you faced while establishing and how you overcame them?

Creating awareness regarding novel and superior methodologies for alleviating cold and pain posed a challenge. However, through the diligent efforts of our pioneering cadre of experts, we sailed through the initial obstacles and established a strong and steady consumer base.

How do these products align with the current trends of clean and convenient living?

Our avant-garde products swiftly cater to the user’s concerns without hampering his/her ongoing endeavours and ambitions, thereby offering the freedom to structure your day according to your will and preference. Furthermore, these offerings boast simplicity and seamless functionality, furnishing the urban users with a level of refined convenience unparalleled sophistication. emphasizes providing ethical, clean, and sustainable products. How do you ensure these values are maintained across your product line?

Yes, our entire range of products is meticulously crafted using solely natural constituents, thereby making our entire product line environmentally sustainable and completely free of harmful chemicals or drugs. We steadfastly maintain our production standards and rigorously adhere to stringent manufacturing protocols, thereby ensuring that our products are safe for individuals of all ages, from children to elderly.

How does engage with its growing community of consumers to understand their needs and preferences?

We eagerly look forward to feedback from our esteemed consumers, valuing their perspectives on the usage and efficacy of our products. We actively engage with our user base via diverse social media platforms. Furthermore, we also participate in a number of shows, trade fairs, and exhibitions, seizing the opportunity for one-on-one exchanges with our clientele. These interactions help us comprehend consumer needs in a better way in order to continually enhance of our product line. has positioned itself as a leader in pain relief and heating patches. What strategies have you employed to achieve this market position?

Our current achievements are a testament to the unparalleled novelty of our products that guarantees consumer loyalty once they experience our products. Additionally, our dedicated team actively conducts direct engagements with customers at cold and freezing holiday locales, educating them about the merits of WARMEE and Bluheat. Furthermore, we at Nysh have forged strategic alliances with numerous retailers such as Noble Plus, Woolmart, and Roopam.

As a co-founder, how do you balance your roles in sales, digital marketing, finance, product design, and packaging?

Juggling between various roles comes swiftly to me, given my involvement in crafting WARMEE and Bluheat since their inception. Moreover, we have constantly adhered to a zero-compromise policy, meticulously overseeing everything from ingredient sourcing to the ultimate marketing of our products. To guarantee alignment with our vision, I actively involve myself in every aspect of the development journey.

How do you inspire and motivate your team to align with’s vision and goals?

The efficacy and practicality of our products serves as the primary driving force for my team members. We have witnessed many game-changing moments where individuals’ lives have been saved in dire, freezing conditions by the use of WARMEE. Such impactful instances, where our products directly influence and safeguard people’s lives, inspire us to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence even further.

Can you discuss any upcoming expansions or new product launches that your customers can look forward too?

We are currently engaged in the development of several new proprietary products within our consumer domain, with some currently undergoing beta testing. We are positive about their launch in the forthcoming quarters.

What advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the industry?

Believing in your ideas and persistent efforts is what it takes to shape up a success story. With a growing number of women stepping up to establish themselves in this male dominated realm, I foresee a positive scenario for female run businesses in the near future.

From founding Motorsports to Travel Concepts and now, how has your entrepreneurial journey evolved over the years?
Every venture has carved a distinct experience in my journey and nurtured me as an individual and as an entrepreneur. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to lay my hands on unique business opportunities over the years.

What personal practices, such as meditation or fitness routines, help you maintain a balance between your professional and personal life?

I am an ardent badminton player and I love to follow my fitness regime on a regular basis. Physical and mental well-being allows one to perform better on both personal as well as professional fronts.

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals for, and how do you plan to achieve them?
We wish to cater to the untapped grievances and concerns of our consumers, and configure our future developments on those lines. A growing consumer base and fostering life long alliances with our consumers is what we seek to achieve.

How do you see the landscape of online marketplaces and consumer preferences evolving in the next 5 years, and how is preparing to adapt to these changes?

Online marketing and social media platforms have caused a tremendous surge in the market reach for our products. We foresee even further growth in the sector with the ever-growing number of well-informed users, who are aware of what exactly they want and how they want their purchases to work for them. offers unique products like BluHeat and WARMEE. Can you delve into the research and development process behind these innovative products?
Our multi-step process commences with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs, followed by collaborative discussions to devise tailored solutions. This is followed by sourcing premium ingredients and harnessing technology to craft unique products. We even conduct rigorous trials and testing in real-world conditions, for constant refining our products based on user feedback.
Can you share any specific practices or certifications that reinforce’s commitment to sustainability?
While prioritizing naturally sourced and sustainable ingredients, we are also actively exploring sustainable alternatives for our packaging. Among the options under consideration are recyclable totes and bags. We are eagerly looking forward to implementing these changes at the earliest, for adhering to commitment towards sustainability.
Can you provide examples of how consumer feedback has influenced product development or improvements?
Consumer feedback has been instrumental in driving continuous improvement and innovation at Not only has it prompted changes in the shapes and heating temperatures of our existing products, but it has also inspired us to create new products that are tailored to meet evolving consumer needs. We constantly try to engage in interactions with our consumers through various channels, including trade shows and physical events, to gain genuine feedback.
How has technology played a role in enhancing the user experience on Are there any specific features or tools that stand out?
For us, technology plays an important role, right from assembling our products in the right manner to making them reach the end users on time. For a product based company like ours, every glitch in technology, ends in a dissatisfied customer. Also, one episode of consumer dissatisfaction can ruin all the good that the products are actually doing to the end users, like at times saving lives of people in extreme cold conditions. We wish we had better technologically advanced platforms to rightly market and deliver our products that could save us from the hassles of handling the logistics and other issues. On the other hand, we have observed that a lot of influencers and users have genuinely posted about our products, revealing their unmatched experiences. This gives us the thrill to keep going towards our goals and vision.
What future technological advancements are you looking to integrate into to further improve the customer experience?
We wish to integrate methods that enable a swift and prompt reach to the end users, while improving the channelisation of products. Also, as discussed earlier we are working on how technology can help us improve not only our products’ efficacy but also the packaging.
Being a part of IIM B Goldman Sachs program for fostering women entrepreneurs, how has this experience shaped your leadership style and approach at
The program has helped me gain a clear vision for my endeavours and aspirations. It has enabled the formation of new friendships and also offered invaluable sounding boards for ideas and challenges. We continue to meet periodically to engage in brainstorming sessions, exchanging insights and supporting one another in navigating both professional and personal lives.
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