Nutrabay collaborates with Radhika Madan spearheads the “Feel Great Everyday” campaign

Nutrabay has roped in celebrated young, healthy,actress Radhika Madan for the campaign.

Nutrabay, The campaign aims to motivate consumers to pursue a healthier lifestyle by adopting good quality, clean and nutritious nutrition.

Nutrabay, India’s leading D2C health supplements brand, launched in March 2019 with a few SKUs and scaled the business to 2000 orders/day, serviced more than 1.5 million orders to date, and now has approximately 100+ SKUs and five sub-brands.

Nutrabay has roped in celebrated young, healthy, fit, and energetic actress Radhika Madan as the face of the latest campaign, which intends to help people become the best version of themselves by boosting their overall health and well-being by taking proper nutrition.

Radhika was seen as the best choice for this campaign due to her ability to strike the perfect balance between her professional aspirations and personal well-being and her dedication to fitness.

Trained in kickboxing and a firm believer in holistic growth and wellbeing, the actress swears by the company’s functional food products and wellness and family nutrition products that are clean, reliable, and authentic.

“We strongly believe that consuming proper nutrition is imperative to promote holistic development and wellness. Our Feel Great Everyday campaign aims to give that message to everyone. With this campaign, we want to improve the everyday life of our consumers by ensuring that they get authentic nutritional products. We are excited about the campaign and our collaboration with Radhika, an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. We celebrate Radhika for her dedication, hard work, and commitment to fitness. It is due to these qualities that we feel that she is the perfect fit for our campaign.We look forward to a long-standing and fruitful relationship with her.”

Sharad Jain, Co-Founder, and Spokesperson for Nutrabay, said,

“I am delighted to be a part of Nutrabay’s campaign, I agree with the brand’s ideas, motivation, and commitment to offering genuine products to its customers. Fitness and well-being are the cornerstones of life; only when these are met can one appreciate other things. As a result, I commend the brand’s efforts and commitment to incorporating exercise into people’s daily lives. I’m excited to collaborate with them.”

Radhika Madan stated.

Nutrabay was founded to bridge the need gaps in the market due to the lack of availability of quality products at affordable prices by a homegrown brand.

About Nutrabay

Founded by Sharad Jain, Shreyans Jain, and Divay Prakash Jain, was launched as a multi-brand store, functioning on the D2C model with the objective of providing 100% authentic nutrition-rich products.

The platform came as a boon for those struggling to get original products in a market flooded by duplicate health supplements.

To give consumers the best possible nutrients they can include in their daily diet, Nutrabay has partnered with 70+ brands, offering Protein Powders, Women’s Health Supplements, Weight Loss Herbs, Amions, Wellness supplements, and Nutrition Foods and ensures quick and efficient delivery of these products to consumers’ doorsteps.

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