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“New Predictive Insights Platform helps Businesses Thrive”

"New Predictive Insights Platform helps Businesses Thrive"

By PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2021 “New Predictive Olvin is launching its award-winning platform Almanac to help brick and mortar business bounce back and succeed, even during trying times.




Almanac leverages the power of AI to predict consumer behavior, helping retailers and marketers make tough decisions.

Sam Amrani, Founder & CEO of Olvin says the new platform can help companies predict consumer behaviour “not just looking two years back into the past, but looking weeks and months into the future,” it’s this that makes Almanac so unique.

Almanac helps retailers and marketers make decisions based on billions of data point processed in the platform on a daily basis using A.I. The platform is updated every 24 hours giving near real time insight to its users. It is available across the U.S. with users getting access to content and customer support from Olvin.

Almanac “New Predictive gives its users a detailed overview of important factors that can affect their business. The data from the Almanac platform can be analysed across geographic areas, industries and brands. The data and tools supplied also help companies look more closely at their competition, as well as forecast where consumers will spend their time in the future.

Large and small businesses can use Almanac to save on costs, predict consumer behavior, and retain customers by increasingly loyalty and revenue.

Almanac can give businesses the tools they need to react quicker, plan more effectively and make better decisions.

Olvin is making the Almanac platform completely free to all users throughout the pandemic, to help struggling businesses recover and thrive.

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