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RSS Volunteers Witnessed in Millions Carrying Out Massive Relief Operations in 2021

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RSS Volunteers, BENGALURU, India, June 1, 2021India is currently going through the worst phase of the pandemic. With close to 300,000 new cases and 4,000 deaths per day, India’s healthcare infrastructure is under a lot of pressure like other countries that have faced subsequent waves. 

“Although the situation is critical, yet the strength of the society is also enormous. Our capability to meet the most trying crisis is well known across the world,” said Dattatrey Hosable, General secretary of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). 

“We all will win over this pandemic only if we all as a society come together. The RSS, as usual, have started providing various kinds of services for the COVID-19 affected patients and their family members,”  said RSS’ public relation head Mr. Sunil Ambekar.

He further added, “RSS volunteers have offered helpline numbers to find the medical assistance such as availability of ambulances, ventilators, food, etc. If any patient needs to consult the doctor, RSS has made all provisions.”  

Nationwide, several professional, cultural, religious, and social organizations are working closely with RSS volunteers. Through these partnerships and a massive base of volunteers, RSS is running Covid care centers in 118 cities that have served 18,000+ patients to date.  Over 4000 Doctors have provided online consultations to the 150,000 patients so far. 

RSS volunteers supplied  2300+ oxygen beds are providing relief during a widespread shortage of Oxygen supply.  RSS workers offered COVID-19 self-isolation centers in 287.  RSS volunteers have mobilized around 22,000 volunteers assisting 4773 Vaccination centers and going door to door for vaccination awareness and to address a vaccine hesitancy challenge. 

Thousands of volunteers are also running the COVID-19 helpline center at 3800 places. Ram Avtar Sharma has been working in one such helpline center for the last 30 days and has solely guided more than 2000 requests that came through the helpline.
Fear of handling COVID-19 infected dead bodies is complicating its transportation and cremation. There are 300 Ambulances operated by RSS volunteers, and thousands of volunteers are helping with funerals at 816 places in the country. 
This kind of concerted effort at the National level, implemented in every corner of the country, is unique. It is proving significant to harness the vast potential of social capital in the fight against COVID-19.
Emphasizing the need for a strong will, RSS Chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat said, “In this situation, we can’t give up on courage. We need to also have steely resolve.”  He further added, “There is a talk of a third wave. But, we will not be scared. We shall stand like a rock.”
Founded in 1925, RSS volunteers, known as the “Ready for Selfless Service” organization,  is India’s largest all-volunteer organization, with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and over 200,000 social service projects. 
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