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Leading Healthcare Technologist And Futurist Challenges System’s Reactive Status Quo

 Not Just In Sickness But Also In Health: Moving Beyond Sickcare To Health Optimization For All Leading Healthcare  by Jeff Margolis, Welltok Inc.’s Chairman and a senior advisor for Blackstone, is available now. The book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes.

In Not Just In Sickness But Also In Health, Jeff Margolis examines our healthcare system from a perspective of total consumer well-being. He advocates for a healthcare approach that supports and engages consumers in their daily living, with a personalized approach based upon their social determinants, to help each individual achieve and sustain their highest health status. This is how individuals and populations will achieve their best health at the lowest cost across the entire economic spectrum.

The central theme in Margolis’ book, Not Just In Sickness But Also In Health, is based on the recognition that clinical care accounts for only a fraction of what drives an individual’s health status, with most people spending less than 1% of time face-to-face with a clinician. This means that the choices patients make during the time they aren’t in a doctor’s office or interacting with a physician accounts for an overwhelming majority of their overall health status. As Not Just In Sickness But Also In Health unfolds, readers are guided through Margolis’ in-depth diagnosis of today’s reactive sickcare system, one that by predominantly treating patient ailments exerts undue strain and avoidable cost on all stakeholders.

Leading Healthcare , Margolis’ vision of healthcare’s future does not depend on demolishing the existing system, but rather provides a path to carry forward its existing strength into a transformed system of optimized health. “We need to apply common sense and breakthrough systematic understanding if we hope to evolve past the complex conundrum that is the healthcare system today,” Margolis noted. “What if we shifted our norm from health benefits primarily designed to take care of people once they are sick to creating personalized health improvement resources that help people take actions that elevate their health across the whole of their lives?”

About Jeff Margolis

Jeff Margolis is Chairman of Welltok, the consumer activation company, and recently joined Blackstone as a senior advisor to guide investments and advance innovations in healthcare and information technology. He also serves on the boards of Alignment Healthcare, NextGen Healthcare and TriNetX.

Margolis has spent more than 35 years applying systems science and advanced information technologies to address the complex problems facing the healthcare industry. Margolis has decades of experience in public and private healthcare information technology companies, where he has served as a CEO and Chairman. In 1997, he founded TriZetto, a pioneering vertical SaaS enterprise solution. Margolis saw the company through its IPO and eventual $1.4 billion private equity buyout.

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