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Covid 19 pandemic: ‘Brazil has done everything you should not do.’

Covid 19 pandemic

Covid 19 pandemic: Josildo de Moura would have celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary in December if he had survived.

Covid 19 pandemic: , the loving husband and father of five died of Covid in May, gasping for air outside a neighborhood clinic on So Paulo’s outskirts. He was 62 years old and, like the great majority of Brazilians, had yet to get immunized. “The agony is unending,” his wife Cida says as she sits at her kitchen table, surrounded by her children and grandkids.

“And every day, we hear of more families who are suffering in the same way that we are, losing a loved one.” The losses in this area are astounding. More than 500,000 Brazilians have died due to Covid-19, the second largest death toll in the world, trailing only the United States. Experts believe that their country will soon overtake the United States. How did this happen in a middle-income country with a well-established disease-prevention system?

Covid 19 pandemic For many, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s far-right President, bears culpability. “He might have helped everyone take the proper precautions,” adds Cida, who has a firm voice and tight grey hair. “He did the exact opposite. He had no regard for the people. It’s very repulsive.” Even as Brazil continues to mourn its dead, the Brazilian senate is debating how to handle the outbreak.

The proceedings, which began in April, are live-streamed. They’ve become must-see TV for many people here, a kind of telenovela of tragedy and explosive testimony. The testimony of a Pfizer official was highly damaging. Last year, he told the panel, the firm regularly offered to sell the government vaccinations.

It went unnoticed for months. Over a hundred emails went unanswered. Another witness said during the investigation that President Bolsonaro ignored anomalies and substantial overcharging in a deal to purchase an unlicensed Covid vaccine from India. The President has denied knowing anything and doing any crime.

The probe is led by opposition senator Omar Aziz, a towering man from the impoverished state of Amazonas who fist-bumps his way through parliament. Walid, his brother, is among the dead. On the day we met, he lost a lifelong buddy to the virus.

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