GenWorks introduces the Echo-Screen to protect babies from ‘invisible’ impairment

The full Echo-Screen testing procedure is completed in under ten minutes.

GenWorks, India’s largest digital medical and healthcare solution provider, has introduced the Echo-Screen testing process to detect ‘invisible’ hearing impairment in neonates at an early stage.

Most often, parents fail to notice hearing disabilities in children compared to other birth deformities. The late diagnosis begins to damage their vocabulary and language foundations.

However, Echo-Screen, which uses otoacoustic emission technology, assesses a baby’s hearing abilities by transmitting sound signals of varying frequencies to the eardrums via headphones.

The computer then picks up the signal and analyses it for any hearing problems.

The full Echo-Screen testing procedure is completed in under ten minutes. To get the best results, the test is run when the baby is asleep in a quiet and closed room.

, Ahmedabad, does five Echo-Screen tests every day. He said, “Nobody can tell whether a child can hear properly or not in the first few days of life.However, with the use of Echo-Screen, we can determine whether or not the child can hear well. If the machine says ‘pass’ after analysis, the youngster can hear normally; if it says’refer,’ we must repeat the test in a few weeks.

Dr. Anuj Grover, Consultant, Neonatologist & Director, Setu Newborn Care Centre

“This technology is valuable as it can Determine whether a child can hear a variety of noises. When we tell parents that this test is necessary, they frequently tell us that their child can hear adequately because the newborn has responded to loud sounds. They don’t realize that the child is reacting to loud sounds, which is very different from a normal conversation. A child must be able to hear tiny whispers,”

added Dr. Grover.

“Hearing is core to speech and brain development for a newborn. Screening is a fundamental and crucial protocol for assessment, especially for premature ones. Technology can help make this easier to adopt and deliver care to newborns. At GenWorks, we bring the best in class solutions across clinical care areas, and Echo-Screen is a proven technology for newborn screening that is easy to use while delivering accurate results keeping the newborn’s safety in mind.’’

Mr. Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks, said,

According to the UN, up to five out of every 1,000 infants suffer severe to profound hearing impairment. Every year, around 27,000 children are born deaf in India.

About GenWorks:

GenWorks is the first firm in the Indian healthcare market focused to increasing access to healthcare.

GenWorks began as a Wipro GE-invested startup with the goal of developing a platform for addressing the three core concerns in healthcare: access, affordability, and adoption.

GenWorks was created to fill gaps in the healthcare sector by leveraging its tight relationship with GE Healthcare, whose aim is ‘At work for a healthy India.’ GenWorks’ goal is to make high-quality care available throughout the country.

GenWorks is committed to increasing awareness by harnessing available technology and providing inexpensive solutions across geographies via its cutting-edge digital solutions, with a focus on improving specialist access for the last mile.
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