One in five adult dogs suffer from this debilitating disease; pet wellness direct helps determine if your pet is at risk

One in five adult dogs suffer from this debilitating disease; pet wellness direct helps determine if your pet is at risk

According to the Arthritis Foundation, 20% of all dogs one year and older suffer from arthritis. Here’s why pet owners should be concerned and take preventative measures before their dogs exhibit the discomfort, pain or distress associated with joint inflammation and other mobility issues.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, 20% of all dogs one year and older show signs of arthritis. And by the time they reach the age of seven years old, their chances of suffering from debilitating joint disease skyrocket to 60%.

If your dog is a larger breed, overweight, or more active, arthritis, and joint disease can start even earlier.

Pet Wellness Direct Co-CEO, Russ Kamalski says that most owners don’t realize that their dogs are dealing with joint inflammation or full-blown arthritis until it’s too late.

“It’s an evolutionary thing,” he explains. “Showing pain is a sign of weakness that could cause their pack to abandon them or indicate to predators on the prowl that they’re an easy target.

That’s why dogs won’t let you know when they’re experiencing pain until it’s so severe they can no longer hide it.”

By that time, Kamalski says, the damage to your dog’s joint cartilage could be irreversible – which is a big problem, considering the impact that joint disease can have on your dog’s mobility, energy levels, personality, and overall quality of life.

“Even when a dog is suffering from early stage arthritis, it can become a completely different animal,” he warns. “They become less playful and may lose interest in the things they used to love, such as going for walks or playing catch.

They may also become despondent or aggressive and may even growl at you when you go to pet them. Not to mention that watching any pet in unnecessary pain is horrible.”

Kamalski experienced the impact that arthritis can have on a dog’s life when his own dog, Sienna, developed a severe case of it as a senior dog.

“She was 12 years old but still acted like a puppy in so many ways,” he remembers. “Then suddenly she stopped wanting to go for walks, which was crazy because that was always the highlight of her day. When I did manage to get her outside, halfway through the walk she would sit down in the middle of the sidewalk and refuse to budge. It kills me to think of how much pain she must have been in to stop doing something she loved so much.”
That’s when Kamalski got to work on a preventative joint supplement for dogs. As someone who has worked in the field of natural health supplements for many years, he gathered a team of scientists to help him develop a powerful joint remedy to help rebuild cartilage and replenish joint fluid in dogs. His first product, VetSmart Formulas Advanced Hip + Joint Complex, was a great success and has received thousands of positive reviews from happy customers over the years.
But that first product was designed for dogs that are already dealing with moderate to advanced joint disease. Kamalski wanted to formulate an early stage prevention supplement that could protect dogs from developing arthritis in the first place. So, he brought his scientists back into the lab and, after years of research and testing, they have just launched their new Early Stage Hip + Joint Complex, a preventative joint supplement that helps protect against joint inflammation and issues before they happen and is safe for dogs to take over long periods of time.
According to Kamalski, VetSmart Formulas tested their new supplement on hundreds of dogs prior to launching the product and pet owners were very impressed with the results.
“Pet owners have been telling us that their dogs were friskier than they had been in months or even years, and were running around like puppies again,” Kamalski says. “Plus, they really like the natural hypoallergenic beef flavor, so getting the dog to take the supplement is very easy.”
ABOUT VETSMART FORMULAS: VetSmart Formulas is a line of high-quality pet supplements sold directly to consumers by Pet Wellness Direct, an online pet wellness company founded in 2015. The company’s all-natural products are made in the USA in FDA audited labs, have no artificial ingredients or flavors, and are based on scientifically superior formulas that pet professionals demand.
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