Fittr collaborates with Flexnest in India to provide smart linked fitness solutions

This collaboration will elevate the workout experience to a new level as Fittr expands its service offerings.

Fittr collaborates with Flexnest: The partnership is progressing towards building a ‘Made-in-India’ fitness ecosystem

FITTR, one of the world’s largest online fitness and nutrition platforms and communities, has announced a strategic partnership with Flexnest, India’s first D2C brand curating innovative fitness items for at-home exercises.

The collaboration aims to achieve its common goal of developing smart connected fitness products for the Indian market and promoting the concept of virtual fitness through at-home workouts.

Fittr has always aimed to democratise fitness and raise awareness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Given the growing demand for tailored at-home fitness solutions, Fittr and Flexnest approach fitness holistically and promote the convenience and comfort of working out from home.

In accordance with Fittr’s aim, Flexnest promises to improve the experience of working out at home by bringing never-before-seen fitness equipment to the Indian market.

“The Fitness Equipment category in India has seen little to no innovation over the past few decades. While other categories like TVs, Watches and Phones have become ‘Smart’ and connected over the past few years, we were shocked to see how dated the product offerings in the fitness category were. We saw this as an opportunity to disrupt by creating the 1st Smart Fitness Equipment Brand in India. As a tech-enabled D2C brand, we are pleased to partner with fit-tech app FITTR as their mission of democratizing fitness in India truly aligned with our principles as well.” 

Rhea Singh Anand, Co-Founder, Flexnest, said,

Fittr customers will have exclusive access to Flexnest equipment to help them better their fitness journey, and Flexnest users will have special access to Fittr’s tailored exercise and nutrition solutions.

This collaboration will elevate the workout experience to a new level as Fittr expands its service offerings.

“At Fittr, we are on a mission to make 50 million people fit in the next decade, and our collaboration with Flexnest is the perfect extension of that mission. It is important to stay relevant in the industry. With the ever-evolving fitness segment, looking for relevant and new offerings is essential to keep users engaged and inspired. 

Jitendra Chouksey, Founder & CEO, FITTR said,

“Fittr has always been committed to democratizing fitness and raising awareness around physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The partnership will assist us in making strategic headways in achieving this goal.”

He further added,

Through this collaboration, both brands are hoping to inspire individuals & fitness enthusiasts to adopt any at-home activity as a regular exercise and raise their fitness level while having fun. 

About Fittr:

Fittr is a leading community-first, tech-enabled health and fitness platform that links millions of people with hundreds of INFS certified coaches across the world to help them live a healthy and active life.

Fittr offers a single platform that assists consumers with all of their fitness needs, including selecting the proper diet plan, coaches, BMR / MACRO calculator/ Body fat calculator, 1RM Calculator, and INFS-certified coaches.
Fittr is a judgment-free platform that promotes learning, transformation, inspiration, and the exploration of career options in fitness. It is backed by a scientific approach to nutrition and exercise.

About Flexnest: 

Founded in January 2021, Flexnest is India’s 1st D2C brand that offers Smart, Connected Fitness equipment for home use. The startup integrates its smart equipment with content solutions to enable people to work out in groups via online classes.
Flexnest also has studios and fitness trainers that create Fitness Content for more than 50,000+ Customers Pan-India that subscribe to their mobile apps.
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