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Finnovant and Governor DAO (GDAO) today announced an innovation that combines Finnovant’s Say-Tec facial and voice biometrics with GDAO’s Blockchain Governance service

This innovation is the first to authenticate facial and voice biometrics for 1 Voice: 1 Vote and will bring to market the integration of biometrics on the blockchain.

Finnovant and Governor DAO (GDAO) today announce a first to market integration of biometrics on the blockchain

Finnovant’s research shows Biometric Authentication integrated with apps, web sites, IoT devices, and other systems can provide secure voting, payments, secure access to the Blockchain and can virtually eliminate Voter, Identity and Unemployment Fraud. Technological advances in biometrics can help ensure a safe environment and exceptional security in all segments of our lives.

“Biometric authentication delivers on the promise of enhanced security in user-friendly, customizable solutions,” Brian Maw, CEO Finnovant. “We’re excited to announce our partnership with Governor DAO to bring the power and security of biometrics to the blockchain.”

For years blockchains have been plagued by sybil resistance, whales, and other threats. Governor DAO and Finnovant are excited to release a biometric authentication solution that will solve this problem while protecting user’s anonymity. Anyone can opt-in to the Governor DAO whitelist and early adopters will be given a free or discounted Proof-of-Existence token (POE).
“Since the beginning of blockchain’s existence, sybil resistance has been an ongoing threat to blockchains and the crypto space. With the release of this groundbreaking technology, Governor DAO is positioned to provide an indispensable service that will revolutionize this industry.” Michael Side, Governor DAO’s Internal Communications lead.

Governor DAO, LLC is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that provides governance as a service to blockchain projects of all sizes. By creating a token holder centered cryptocurrency, GDAO has created a safe and transparent Decentralized Autonomous Organization that encourages community growth and involvement.

Finnovant Inc. was founded with the vision of helping business leaders dramatically improve the way they interact with their critical information and customers. Our focus is on developing emerging technologies with secure blockchain solutions in the areas of Financial Services, Governance, IoT, Healthcare, and more and improving digital security for our customers.  Finnovant provides biometric authentication which helps thwart Identity Theft and Fraud.

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