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AdhereHealth Launches High-Risk Patient COVID-19 Vaccine Accelerator for the Underserved

“Many vulnerable populations face significant barriers to care that deprioritize vaccinations until addressed. An innovative combination of technology, timely data, health literacy, local social services, and outbound telehealth can overcome these challenges to ensure health equity is achieved,” said Jason Z. Rose, CEO of AdhereHealth.

Beyond health equity issues and morality, the pandemic’s economic cost includes enormous financial burden in hospital care costs ranging from $51,000 to $78,000 per admission based on age.

With hundreds of thousands of deaths in 2020, the CDC estimates 4.1 million hospitalizations representing more than $200 billion dollars.

Built within the Adhere™ Platform’s Optimize™ solution, the High-Risk Patient COVID-19 Accelerator uses a combination of innovative technology that enables AdhereHealth’s nationwide team of licensed clinicians.

By proactively identifying the most vulnerable populations, overcoming SDOH issues and connecting them with vaccine services, the solution directly supports Americans at highest risk.
  1. Prioritize: Identify High-Risk Individuals – Leveraging near real-time data, the Adhere platform’s powerful analytics identifies at-risk individuals and prioritizes outreach to the underserved.
  2. Engage: Intelligent Clinical Workflow A nationwide network of licensed clinicians perform data-driven outreach through the Adhere platform to vulnerable individuals with vaccine hesitancy, advancing health literacy, performing health screenings, and coordinating appointments with available COVID-19 vaccination clinics.
  3. Resolve: Overcome Barriers of Care – The network of clinicians directly address patient SDOH issues preventing vaccination appointments, including transportation coordination, community social service, medication adherence, setting up mobile clinics in pharmacy deserts and deploying in-home vaccination services.
“The socioeconomic barriers that make vaccination difficult for the most vulnerable Americans are the same issues that make it hard for these individuals to achieve medication optimization for their chronic conditions,” said Jason Z. Rose, CEO of AdhereHealth. “By solving these vaccination problems, we can put them on a path for medication adherence past the pandemic. Engaging with vulnerable groups for the vaccine will have lasting impact on health outcomes by improving the long-term health of underserved patients.”
About AdhereHealth™

AdhereHealth delivers purpose-built, innovative technology solutions to improve quality of care, medication adherence and cost outcomes – all with an emphasis on overcoming social determinants of health (SDOH) and improving patient experience. AdhereRx, an AdhereHealth company, provides high-risk, underserved patients with personalized pharmacy services that drive medication compliance and reduce unnecessary utilization costs. This unique combination of predictive analytics, intelligent clinical workflow software and proactive tele-pharmacy outreach performed by a nationwide team of licensed clinicians addresses an estimated half a trillion dollars of unnecessary annual medical costs attributed to medication adherence issues. Today, the Adhere™ Platform touches nearly 30 million patients across dozens of health plans, self-insured employers and other risk-bearing entities. 

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