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DMEhub Partners with Kno2 to Further Enhance the Speed and Simplicity of its e-Prescribing Platform for Durable Medical Equipment

DMEhub ®, is now Connected by Kno2® to significantly enhance and further automate the durable medical equipment ordering process.

By PR Newswire

BOISE, Idaho and LAKE FOREST, Calif., Jan. 20, 2021 — DMEhub ®, a leading e-prescribe platform for ordering medical equipment and supplies, is now Connected by Kno2® to significantly enhance and further automate the durable medical equipment ordering process.

“The partnership with Kno2 gives DMEhub a greater ability to meet prescribers where they are at technologically and to seamlessly integrate into their workflows,” said Ken Hodel, Vice President of Business Development for DMEhub. “Now, DMEhub can use a variety of standards to integrate with providers’ systems, reducing manual effort and rework and replacing them with data and automation. Kno2’s experience, approach and technology made them the logical choice to expand our interoperability capabilities.”

Unlike orders for medications or lab tests where only a valid, signed prescription is required, most DME orders require that additional documentation be included to support medical necessity. Often the additional documentation is incomplete or missing, which results in back-and-forth rework between the prescriber and DME supplier. In addition, the reliance on fax machines and phone calls to obtain the required documentation may further slow down response times – ultimately causing delays in setting patients up on life-changing therapies.

DMEhub replaces the burdensome inefficiency of a paper-driven process with an intelligent, easy-to-use online platform that allows more than 95% of medical equipment orders to be accepted on the first submission. By removing the rework associated with medical equipment orders, patients get what they need when they need it.

With Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service™ (IAAS), DMEhub integrates with virtually every electronic health record (EHR) system to save time, support the evidence for medical necessity and avoid duplicate orders. DMEhub reduces rework by automating the collection and generation of the exact documentation needed to submit complete and accurate orders and sends it to the DME supplier in one digital package. This is accomplished with the utilization of standards-based exchange methods like Direct secure messaging via the DirectTrust™ framework, query-based record exchange via Carequality and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

“We are delighted that DMEhub chose to partner with Kno2 as their interoperability service provider,” said Therasa Bell, president and CTO at Kno2. “Because DMEhub had the insight to integrate broad-based interoperability into their platform, becoming Kno2 Connected moved their workflow from fax, past expensive point-to-point interfaces, to an offering that can fit in every care setting that has a certified EHR.”This was conveyed to Prittle Prattle News through a Press Release.

About DMEHub

DMEhub™ is a web-based ordering platform that is available to all durable medical equipment prescribers and suppliers. As one of the leading e-prescribe platforms, DMEhub™ uses intelligent logic to identify the right product and qualify the medical necessity of every order, resulting in a significant reduction in the rework and delays often associated with the ordering of durable medical equipment. DMEhub™ also offers a single source for inputting and tracking orders that can be seamlessly integrated with electronic health record (EHR) systems and is always free to healthcare providers. For more information about DMEhub, visit

About Kno2

Kno2® is leading healthcare’s path to interoperability across every patient care setting with the capability to send, receive, find and use patient information with everyone. Through Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service™, common exchange methods including cloud fax, Direct secure messaging using the DirectTrust™ framework, patient information query with providers live on Carequality, including those connected through CommonWell Health Alliance®, IHE profiles, HL7 messaging, Fast Interoperability Healthcare Resources (FHIR), patient care networks (Referrals, ACOs, HIEs), and other forms of exchange are standardized into simple send and receive workflows, from virtually any source. The innovative technology has the intelligence to determine the most interoperable form of exchange to ensure that content flows freely between systems and providers. All this functionality is available to providers and technology vendors through a simple set of REST-based APIs or through a Kno2 portal. For more information about Kno2, visit

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