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Kiss panda eyes goodbye, concealers!

Here's how to apply concealer to hide your dark under-eye circles and avoid seeming sleep-deprived and exhausted.

Kiss panda eyes goodbye: Sleep deprivation, stress, smoking, and a poor diet are all visible on our faces, particularly in the eye contour, which is the most delicate and sensitive area. Where there is a lack of blood and lymphatic circulation, dark circles develop.

Kiss panda eyes goodbye: In addition, slow lymphatic drainage causes blue deoxygenated blood and brown pigment patches to collect in the face, resulting in dark circles beneath the eyes, where the skin is four times thinner than the rest of the face. Unfortunately, dark circles can also be inherited and get worse over time! Here’s how to apply concealer to hide your dark under-eye circles and avoid seeming sleep-deprived and exhausted.

1. Moisturize the region around the eyes. If you don’t, your concealer will fill in your wrinkles, drying out your skin and making them appear more prominent. In addition, the color will not be consistent, and the product will not adhere to the skin.

2. Select the appropriate color. You’ll need a half-tone lighter hue than your foundation. Choose a white or yellow concealer if your dark circles are brown. If they’re bluish, choose a yellow/orange tone to counteract that. Pink tones should be avoided since they will make your dark circles appear grey. Look through the concealers from L’Oréal Paris to discover your ideal fit. Cover your dark circles and cheer your under-eye arches with these full-coverage concealers that are easy to mix.

4. Use your finger to apply concealer. Working from the inner to the outside of your eyes, smooth it along your lash line. Then gently tap the treated areas to mix the color in even more. Finally, apply concealer on your nose, chin, and minor blemishes to enhance your skin.

5. Finally, use a brush to apply your foundation. Set your make-up with a bit of dusting of loose powder. Even after a good night’s sleep, dark circles may make you seem sleepy and worn out. However, with the right concealer for your skin tone, you can quickly brighten up your face and seem more alert. To achieve a flawless application every time, follow the procedures outlined above.

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