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A closer look into cosmetic microencapsulation

microencapsulation ceramides illuminate the skin.

Microencapsulation is the technique of enclosing microscopic solid or liquid particles in a membrane.

Microencapsulation: With the invention of carbonless copy paper, this technique was born in the printing business. However, it was swiftly developed and used in pharmacy, agrochemistry, food processing, and cosmetics. Microencapsulation in cosmetics and skincare has several advantages, including protecting active compounds during usage, the gradual distribution of encapsulated active components throughout the skin’s surface, and improved penetration of substances for better efficacy.

Skincare with microencapsulated pearls has enchanted the most significant cosmetic firms, and it’s enthralling us as well, not just because of the new and entertaining nature of the method. So, what is the allure? Until the active components are administered to the skin, microencapsulation maintains them fully intact.

Wrinkles are reduced, black spots are reduced, and even the driest epidermis is nourished with microencapsulated skincare. Microencapsulated pigments escape when they come into touch with the skin, microencapsulated retinol attaches itself to the bottom of the wrinkle and gently releases anti-aging active ingredients, oil bubbles plump up the skin, and microencapsulated ceramides illuminate the skin.

In the dermotextile sector, the microencapsulation technique is also widely utilized. Microencapsulation cosmetic textiles are made using a unique weave and a cosmetic action in which active chemicals are microencapsulated or coated onto the fabric. Anti-drying active components are used to treat specific skin disorders, moisturizing active compounds are used for everyday skincare, and caffeine is used to reduce cellulite. Slimming pants, firming abdominal belts, anti-dark spot gloves, vitamin E pillows for anti-aging action, anti-UV T-shirts for youngsters, and tights infused with aloe vera for a healing effect are just some of the products available.

Active substances in microencapsulated form can benefit your skin as well as your health!

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