Connect2MyDoctor Signs Research Collaboration and Scientific Exchange Agreement

C2MD has opened its regional headquarters in Dubai, further strengthening its presence in the UAE.

Connect2MyDoctor, Opens regional headquarters in Dubai in a bid to further strengthen Middle East presence

Connect2MyDoctor, the comprehensive virtual telehealth platform which has firmly established itself as a leading online healthcare service provider in India, has inked a new pact with the University of Sharjah.

The healthcare start-up co-founded by Mr. Pramod Kutty will look to exchange scientific and medical expertise as well as develop rehabilitation and well-being initiatives as part of the MoU with the University of Sharjah.

After gaining the appropriate clearances, the two institutions have decided to engage on research activities in areas of mutual interest.

The partnership will include data gathering and analysis, as well as cooperative submissions to journals, conferences, and other scientific forums.

According to the agreement, identified patients will be tele-rehabilitated using the C2MD platform and its accompanying modules.

Through video conferences, C2MD enables physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons to remotely monitor and measure a patient’s recovery/rehabilitation with the use of its integrated care coach OmniROM.

C2MD’s 3D Augmented Reality module for patient education, cARe, and HomeDoc, the company’s solution for telemedicine care from the patient’s home, will also be important.

“We are thrilled to have signed this historic Memorandum of Understanding with Connect2MyDoctor.” The two institutions will collaborate to extend the scope of health care research while also advancing our educational goals. We are convinced that the collaboration will contribute to the best training programmes for students and the health of patients. Exploring ways to contribute to local health development will be an important component of our relationship,”

Prof. Mohamad Alameddine, Dean of the University of Sharjah’s College of Health Sciences.

C2MD has opened its regional headquarters in Dubai, further strengthening its presence in the UAE.

The plan is to offer a bouquet of online healthcare services including triage care, second opinions, mental health, remote patient management and follow up visits, Home Care, Tele Rehabilitation and more for the region.

“Middle East is critical to our expansion objectives , This partnership with the University of Sharjah is just another important step in that direction. We are certain that by using our technological strengths, we will be able to best serve the region’s healthcare needs. I am confident that the collaboration with the University of Sharjah will be mutually beneficial, given the region’s high standards of healthcare.”

said Mr. Pramod Kutty, CEO and Co-Founder of Connect2MyDoctor.
Connect2MyDoctor, which has more than 3000 medical specialists connected to its platform, had recently signed two new clients in Bahrain – Ithmaar Bank and Royal Hospital for Women and Children.
Over 50 specialities and super-specialities are covered on the platform. It also works with the Federal Authority of Human Resources, UAE enabling 100,000 employees and their families to gain access to psychologists and psychiatrists.

About Connect2MyDoctor:

Connect2MyDoctor is a comprehensive virtual platform that looks to draw patients closer to the medical fraternity, utilising technology to deliver high quality healthcare online.
The telehealth platform provides a comprehensive healthcare experience that offers value in the most convenient manner.
Launched in 2016, the start-up works with numerous multi-speciality hospitals in India, Middle East, Turkey, Azerbaijan and others.
Patients from over 15 countries use the platform for triage care, second opinions, mental health, remote patient management, wellness & prevention, chronic care, child development, consultations before travel and follow up visits.
More than 3000 specialists have access to the platform with over 50 specialities and super- specialities covered.
The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and has offices in Bengaluru and Dubai and is looking to expand even further.
It is also the preferred telehealthpartner of the Association of Health Providers of India, which has over 10,000 hospitals in its network.
Connect2MyDoctor works with the Federal Authority of Human Resources, UAE enabling the 100,000 employees and their families to access Psychologist and Psychiatrists. Neev Tech Labs, which runs Connect2MyDoctor, was part of the MedTech Actuator, Australia’s first national Seed-to-Series A accelerator for med tech start-ups.
It has received pre-seed funding from Artesian Investments and private funds.
Connect2MyDoctor has recently won the IABCA Micro Business of the Year award 2022, an initiative that looks to strengthen and celebrate the organizations, social enterprises and business leaders from across the globe who are advancing the India-Australia relationship.
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