Clensta leads the health and personal care space by being at the forefront of technological

Clensta, a new-age start-up that specializes in personal and home care goods with a strong sustainability commitment, is assertive of the fact that technology can help us address and deal with several challenges we encounter on a daily basis, thereby making life way easier.

Clensta is currently moving towards adopting these technologies to meet every household’s needs after establishing and strengthening its presence over the last few years.

Despite outstanding earlier findings, the 21st century is opening up to new possibilities for scientific and technological innovation in the health and personal care sector and Clensta intends to leverage the first mover advantage with groundbreaking innovations and technologies to capture the mind space of the contemporary, new age consumer.

“At Clensta, we believe that there are many issues we deal with on a day-to-day basis that technology can help us tackle in a better way. The essence of our vision is to develop products deploying technologies that can take care of the needs of every household and provide maximum benefits to our consumers. Behind every product that we offer to the consumer is the identification of gaps and extensive research on how we can address them and fulfill consumer expectations.”

Puneet Gupta, CEO, and Founder, Clensta said,

“The team at Clensta believes that they can use the six technologies they have developed almost like APIs and they can be scaled and deployed for various problem statements. Clensta’s research collaboration with IIT Delhi has assisted it in patenting several ground-breaking innovations. Therefore the team is confident that the effort they have put in R&D over their six-year journey will now reap dividends and enable them to truly solve problems for every household in a more focused manner.”

added Ankita Arora, Research and Development Head, Clensta.

The top layer of the skin is where all skincare products are administered.

These products rarely have any therapeutic effects or nutrients and only serve as cleansers or temporary beauty enhancers and even if they have nutrients they sometimes cannot be absorbed by the skin.

To provide a long-term solution, the STAR technology developed by Clensta which stands for Safe Transdermal Absorption of Reactive Ingredient ensures that nutrients are absorbed from the upper layer of the skin to the lower layers by using particles that are smaller than the size of our skin pores.

Clensta ensures its range contains active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, alpha arbutin, etc in proper proportions and natural ingredients such as red aloe vera and egg extract, which makes them completely safe for use.

STAR technology can also be used to help consumers meet daily vitamin needs and to solve the challenge of nutrient deficiency in women in tier 2 and 3 locations, Clensta is currently developing cutting-edge lipsticks and bindis.

The products will soon be available in the market and will include nutrients that enter the bloodstream transdermally, such as iodine, iron, vitamin B12, etc.

The products and their underlying standards constantly align with Clensta’s overarching mission, which emphasizes sustainability, thoughtfulness, feasibility, integration of nature and technology.

In addition, the EBDC-based home care product line is another illustration that increases the activity and effectiveness of the active substances by using additional excipients in the product formulation.
These products are sold in the form of smart concentrates, and thus, reduce the generation of single use plastic.
Clensta began its journey in 2016, when Puneet Gupta, the founder, realized how consumers are completely dependent on water for personal hygiene.
They developed the first set of products— the shampoo and body bath products in partnership with IIT Delhi, powered by in-house waterless technology.
This technology is an advancement in the practical application of a relative amount of ingredients and the ratio of every ingredient and its synergism makes the product unique and maintains the same level of cleansing effect without leaving the same high level of residue which can be wiped with a towel/tissue without the use of water to wash it off.
This product has seen widespread acceptance in the health care, defense, and export markets.
Some of Clensta’s initial work also included PAR & PAP technology, which helped it create more efficacious covid protection products.
Going forward, Clensta aims to commercialize a brand new technology, CRAN (Controlled Release of Active Nutrients), especially for the maintenance of gray hair through a unique product that would solve a very specific problem for a targeted audience.
It is enabled by a composition where specific concentrations of Ginkgo biloba & Indian lilac extracts maintain grey hair and also increase its life.

About Clensta:

Clensta started its journey in 2016 in scientific collaboration with IIT Delhi. Since its inception, they are plunged into providing a unique value proposition through ESG-compassionate products that are innovative, effective, affordable, and sustainable.
Being the curator of the Waterless category, the brand is now focusing on providing a comprehensive solution for the family, covering your home, health, hygiene, or personal care from the eldest and the youngest one.
So far, Clensta has developed 5+ Technologies and filed 21+ Patents catering to 35+ products, and planning to launch 65+ products this year.
Being in a differentiating space, Clensta has contributed to saving nearly 65 crore liters of water and reducing 300% lesser carbon footprints per kilos of plastic.
The Company has been a recipient of multiple awards including the National Award and has received appreciation from the Honorable President, Shri. Ram Nath Kovind.
Keeping one eye on the future, Clensta aims to develop ecologically-ethical products which contribute to a better world.
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