Biofourmis Expands into Virtual Specialty Care with the Launch of Biofourmis Care

Our licensed and highly qualified clinical care teams will be an extension of the health system's or physician's care team, virtually engaging patients, coaching them on adherence, and monitoring their vitals to safely prevent hospitalizations and improve quality of life

BOSTON, Biofourmis, a Boston-based global leader in virtual care and digital therapeutics, announced today the launch of Biofourmis Care, a first of its kind, technology-enabled care management service that delivers high-quality remote care for patients with chronic conditions.

The service includes automated medication management to augment and assist care teams in remotely adjusting medications for optimal personalized therapy. Biofourmis Care is purpose built to improve health outcomes and reduce total cost of care among patients with complex chronic diseases by improving provider adherence to guideline-recommended care and detecting patterns of clinical deterioration for earlier interventions.

Biofourmis’ Care@Home technology platform now spans the entire care continuum with Hospital@Home for acute conditions; remote patient management for post-discharge care; and now, virtual specialty care for longitudinal chronic disease management.

Biofourmis Care currently includes five virtual care programs: heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, lipid management and atrial fibrillation. The specialty care programs are delivered remotely by Biofourmis’ trained health navigators, who are frontline care coordinators, as well as a multidisciplinary team of licensed clinicians, including physicians, nurses and advanced practice providers. For seamless care coordination, these virtual care teams partner with the patient’s pre-existing, on-the-ground primary and specialty care providers.

Biofourmis Care is able to meet the patient where they are on their journey: The platform can co-manage multiple chronic diseases at once, tailor the intensity and cadence of services delivered to match the severity of the patient’s illness, and integrate personalized information to individualize automated medication initiation and titration algorithms.
Specialty care accounts for 70% of all healthcare spending in the United States, and up to 40% of specialty care visits are deemed avoidable. In addition, one in four patients do not have easy and timely access to specialists. This approach helps close those gaps.
“There has been a lot of focus on primary care as value-based care continues to expand; however, our novel virtual specialty care model will have an outsized impact on reducing total cost of care and improving quality of life and health outcomes,” said Maulik Majmudar, MD, chief medical officer and co-founder of Biofourmis and cardiologist. “That’s because our robust care management platform is augmented by sophisticated software algorithms for medication optimization and supported by a 24/7 clinical care team.”
Biofourmis’ highly qualified clinical team augments patients’ primary care and specialist providers in:
Managing their chronic conditions Improving care quality through adherence to guideline-directed medical therapies (GDMT) Identifying patients with early signs of clinical deterioration through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based algorithms Driving timely interventions with the goal of improving patient outcomes.
Biofourmis Care offers clinical and financial return on investment for providers, payers and value-based organizations such as ACOs through timely, efficient and safer optimization of evidence-based therapies, which supports reduction in total cost of care, including emergency department visits and hospital admissions.
“Our Care@Home platform enables health systems and payers to deploy virtual care programs across a wide range of clinical conditions, patient acuity levels and care settings. Biofourmis Care takes our value proposition a step further,” said Kuldeep Singh Rajput, CEO and founder of Biofourmis. “Our licensed and highly qualified clinical care teams will be an extension of the health system’s or physician’s care team, virtually engaging patients, coaching them on adherence, and monitoring their vitals to safely prevent hospitalizations and improve quality of life.”

United through integrated platform

There are multiple points of entry into a Biofourmis Care platform, including the transition from hospitalization to home or directly from an ambulatory setting in the course of a visit with a primary care or specialty provider. Patients receive a wearable sensor that captures and communicates multiple physiologic signals into the Biofourmis Care software.
Once home, patients are remotely monitored and supported by a frontline Biofourmis health navigator. The health navigator reviews and responds to notifications from the Biofourmis Care solution and serves as the first resource for patients’ clinical concerns or technical troubleshooting. The health navigator also triages and escalates concerns to the appropriate clinician, who then provides higher level clinical expertise as needed. Critical notifications are always escalated and sent directly to the patient’s physician, and the electronic health record (EHR) is updated accordingly.
Clinical support from the Biofourmis care team is modular and configurable. With the understanding that each health system and medical practice is unique—including the services rendered, clinical workflows and patient populations—clinical care team support is customized to fit the needs and goals of each organization.

Focus on care plan optimization and prevention

Through a patient-facing app, patients can communicate with their dedicated clinical care team via text, talk or video call. With improved engagement, patients can better understand their conditions and make decisions to manage disease progression—resulting in improved health outcomes for patients and lower costs for providers and payers. The Biofourmis Care solution seeks to prevent clinical deterioration by remotely optimizing medication regimens in accordance with evidence-based guidelines, facilitating lifestyle modifications, and overcoming obstacles to care plan adherence.
“Biofourmis Care completes our continuum-wide offering that providers and payers can leverage to optimize care plans,” Dr. Majmudar said. “The solution is a gamechanger due to its ability to prevent or quickly detect clinical deterioration for earlier interventions and better outcomes.”

About Biofourmis

Biofourmis is a fast-growing global health technology company that is focused on leveraging software and data science to deliver virtual care and develop novel digital therapies. The company’s robust care management platform, Care@Home, enables remote disease management across a range of medical conditions for acute, post-acute and chronic care. The solution utilizes medical-grade wearables to continuously collect patient data, which is analyzed by Biovitals®, Biofourmis’ highly sophisticated, clinically validated AI-powered predictive analytics engine. With support from Biofourmis’ in-house clinical care team, payers and providers can leverage the solution to predict clinical deterioration in advance of a critical event—which enables earlier interventions for better outcomes and cost savings. Likewise, the company discovers, develops and delivers clinically validated digital therapeutics. These monotherapies or “pill plus” prescription therapeutics support payers and providers in improving patients’ lives while reducing healthcare utilization and associated costs. For more information, visit:; and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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