As a heterologous booster shot, CORBEVAX provides superior immunity

Heterologous booster shots are the next step for India in combating the spread of COVID-19 and its variants.

Heterologous booster shots have acquired importance in light of the decreasing impact of vaccination doses, particularly against various viral types.

Previously, countries administered homologous booster doses. However, numerous countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and others, approved a heterologous booster for emergency use since it improved immunity levels and was more effective than homologous doses.

According to a Lancet study on the effectiveness of heterologous and homologous boosters, the heterologous booster provides more protection than the homologous booster.

The immune response to the delivery of heterologous booster injections increases on two counts: cellular immunity and neutralising antibodies.

The Indian government recently approved the emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine CORBEVAX as a heterologous booster dose for all adults, making it the country’s first such vaccination.

As a heterologous booster dose, Biological E’s CORBEVAX is safer and generates superior neutralising antibodies against diverse forms of COVID-19.

CORBEVAX can be administered as a booster six months after two doses of COVAXIN or COVISHIELD for all adults.

Administering the CORBEVAX vaccine as a heterologous booster dose provides significant enhancement in immune response and excellent safety profile in people who have already taken two doses of either COVIDHSIELD or COVAXIN.

BE conducted a multi-center Phase III placebo-controlled heterologous booster clinical experiment with 416 fully vaccinated participants ranging in age from 18 to 80 years.

The CORBEVAX heterologous booster increased neutralising antibody titres by 5.5 to 6.7 fold (geometric mean fold rise).
Subjects evaluated for anti-Omicron antibodies showed a considerable increase in antibody titres after receiving CORBEVAX as a heterologous booster dose.
Anti-Omicron Variant antibodies were found in 75 to 91% of these individuals.
The experiment concluded that the CORBEVAX booster dose is safe and well tolerated, with no major or grade 3 adverse events or adverse events of particular interest occurring during the three-month follow-up period.

“India successfully managed the epidemic and following healthcare crisis with coordinated efforts among the government, industry, and healthcare professionals, An excellent immunization regimen has prevented the spread of COVID-19 in new waves. However, given the unusual nature of the disease and virus alterations, more layers of infection defence are required. The introduction of heterologous booster doses represents a significant step toward a far more scientific and time-sensitive immunization policy.

Because it is effective against variations (Delta and Omicron) and increases cellular immune response (significant Th1 skew response), heterologous booster is a favoured choice for booster dose.”

said Dr. M. Raja Rao, Medical Superintendent of Gandhi Hospital.
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