Actor Roshan Abbas and daughter Ayatal deep dive into mental health in today’s digital age on #UnGap

Given the importance of mental health in our lives today, we must begin to discuss it openly. In line with this, and as part of the #UnGap series.

Actor Roshan Abbas and his daughter Ayatal Abbas have initiated a conversation about ‘Navigating mental health both online and offline.’ Tune in to watch this father and daughter duo answering some interesting yet essential questions in EPISODE 6 : Navigating Mental Health Online and Offline.

In the episode, Roshan and Ayatal dive deep into the topic of mental health in today’s digital age and share their personal experiences and insights into the impact of social media on mental health, as well as the importance of seeking professional help when needed.

In response to a question about mental health conversations within their family, Ayatal shared that she has attended therapy and her mother was the one who suggested it. Roshan then mentioned that he may have sometimes been hesitant about his children seeing a therapist, but Shaheen (Roshan’s wife) has always been proactive in addressing such issues. He referred to her as the ‘Doer Parent’ in these matters.

Continuing with the discussion, Roshan shared a touching incident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where his son wrote him a heartfelt letter expressing how he felt proud to see his father cry for the first time. Roshan then compared his generation to the present, stating, “We were flawed too, but were never taught to own up to our flaws. Instead, we were told to keep sweeping things under the carpet. Our generation’s mental health cues came from observation, not conversation.”

During the conversation on how social media affects mental health, Ayatal pointed out that while social media promotes talking about and letting go of things, the reality is often different. “Like our generation, we may fight climate change, but we cannot fight our own emotions,” she said. Roshan emphasized the need for taking breaks from electronic devices, stating, “If you keep eating for hours, you will have indigestion. Don’t. There are times when you need to digest, and there are times when you need to starve.”

Towards the end of the conversation, Ayatal revealed an emotional moment when asked about something she had never told her father. She struggled to cope with personal issues and hesitated to approach her parents for help. As a result, she resorted to self-harm to express herself. Roshan added that after mental health became a more open topic of discussion, he began to understand why people often turn to such actions. “Everything eventually does work out,” Ayatal added. 
Meta recently launched the #UnGap chat show, a series of six episodes. A chat show featuring pairings of well-known parents and children, including actor Sheeba Chaddha and daughter Noor, actor Ahsaas Channa and mother Kulbir Badesron, comedian Abhishek Kumar and father Sundar Baalaji, among others.
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