5 Healthcare Startups Streamlining

5 Healthcare Startups Streamlining
5 Healthcare Startups Streamlining

The Cumbersome Process of Getting a Surgery Done

The covid-19 pandemic highlighted the broken healthcare system of India and how important innovations and investments are for the growth of the healthcare industry in India. One of the major parts of any healthcare industry is surgery from cosmetic to elective. A lot of new startups have emerged to help people with the tedious and cumbersome process of getting a surgery done. Here we have listed down five health tech platforms that you must try before getting your or your loved one’s surgery done.

Glamyo Health a healthcare startup of 2019, co-founded by Mr. Archit Garg and Dr. Preet Pal Thakur is a healthcare brand delivering a hassle-free experience for all elective surgeries & cosmetic procedures with personalized care. Glamyo Health provides a variety of treatments like gynecology, laparoscopy, proctology, urology, etc. It is a series A funded health-tech platform for elective surgeries.

Pristyn Care a Gurgaon-based health-tech company founded in 2018, partnered with more than 700 hospitals to perform advanced surgeries with the help of advanced medical technology such as Laser, Laparoscopy, Lasik, etc. Pristyn Care has discerned itself by providing a 24/7 personal care buddy to every patient of Pristyn Care.

Medfin is a Bangalore-based healthcare brand offering a variety of surgical services like laser surgeries, minimally invasive surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, and many more. Medfin’s unique business model means that it is able to add even more value to the patient by bringing down surgery amounts by almost 50%.

Practo is a health and wellness brand headquartered in Bangalore a leading healthcare platform that connects millions of patients with thousands of healthcare providers and helps to make better healthcare decisions. It helps patients to browse through doctor profiles online, book appointments, and get chat-based teleconsultation. Practo is a platform that makes consultation easy for both the patient and the doctors.

Lybrate a digital healthcare platform founded in 2014, a platform which is one of the most used wellness apps for patients and doctors enabling easy consultations and appointments. Lybrate covers almost 92% of the pin codes in India, the approach is to make healthcare accessible. Lybrate has become a part of a journey where conventional methods of meeting with doctors is replaced through technology.

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